Unfinished Picture Frames
Unfinished Picture Frames
Unfinished picture frames are the perfect choice for when you don't know what color to choose or if you need a rainy day craft for your children. Available in variety of different styles ranging from flat to beveled. All of our unfinished picture frames are made from real wood.
Things you need to know about our Unfinished Picture Frames:
Type of Unfinished Frames
Unfinished frames are available in the following frame types:
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Real Wood:
Architect Unfinished Picture FramesUnfinished
1.5 Inch Decorate-It Picture Frame1.5 Inch
2 Inch Decorate-It Picture Frame2 Inch
3 inch Decorate-It Picture Frame3 inch
Unfinished Picture Frame Profile 1Profile 1
Unfinished Picture Frame Profile 2Profile 2
Unfinished Picture Frame Profile 3Profile 3