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How Deep Are Our Picture Frames

You don't always have a flat piece of paper to frame, sometimes your piece is 3D or a canvas and you need to buy a picture frame that is deep. Our Picture Frames come in a wide range of depths. Read about the different depths below to find your best choice!

Things you need to know about the depth of our picture frames:

Depth of Wood Frames:
The depth of our wood mouldings can range anywhere from 1/2" to 1". On every individual frame series page there is a profile illustration that will show the depth of that frame.

Depth of Shadowbox Frames:
Shadowbox frames are the best option for your pieces that are three-dimensional. They range from a little under 1" all the way up to 3.5" they are the deepest of our picture frame selection

Shadowbox EliteShadowbox ShowcaseShadowbox Boxers 3.5

Depth of Metal Frames:
The depth of our metal mouldings average 1/2" per moulding. For deeper metal options check out our DIY kits: U Frame Kit I and U Frame Kit I.

U Frame Kit IU Frame Kit II

Frames for Canvases:
Three of our frames can hold stretch canvases as long as they are ordered as shell only. The three series are: In Depth, and our Floater Series. Our Floater Series was created specifically for canvas display so it is only available as a shell. 

In depthGilder's Choice Floater