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How To Hang Picture Frames

There are many methods used for hanging picture frames. They all depend on the type of frame. Learn how to hang picture frames from Frame USA below.

Things You Need to Know when learning How to Hang a Picture Frame:

Type of Backs:
Only 8x12 standard size picture frames or smaller will come with an easel backing. These frames will not include hanging materials, but saw-tooth hangers can be purchased for an additional charge. 9 x 12 picture frames or larger will include a flat backing and a hanger. The flat backing material that is used for 9x12 picture frames and larger is a material called Fiber Char which is a form of cardboard. White and Black Foamcore backing is available for an additional cost upon request. The backing that comes with our frames is not Acid Free.

We advise hanging your picture frame in an area that is not in contact with direct sunlight or moisture to avoid the frame's back becoming warped. 

Back with Easel    Flat back picture frame

Sawtooth Hangers:
A saw-tooth hanger is nailed into the back of a frame at the top center. It is the easiest form of the hanging options to install, making it a popular choice for standard framing projects. The weight of the picture frame is supported at a single point so these are best suited for smaller or lightweight frames. Saw-tooth hangers are also useful for hanging Shadowboxes. Using one hanger near each of the two upper corners evenly distributes the frame's weight and keeps the back of the frame flush with the wall.

How to hang pictures

Wire Hanger Kits:
A Wire hanging assembly consists of a length of wire and two eyehooks. The wire is strung between the two eyehooks, which are screwed into opposite sides of the frame. One of the benefits of a wire hanger is its ability to support heavier frames. The weight of the frame is divided between the two vertical sides of the frame. Also the hanger assembly is secured to the frame using screws instead of nails. A wire hanger is used in conjunction with a picture hanger nailed in the wall. We have Wire Kits available for purchase to use to hang a picture with wire of the sawtooth hanger.

Wire Hanging KIt

Hanging Metal Frames
The contents of a back loaded metal frame are secured with retaining clips also called v-clips. A back loaded frame does not require additional wire for wall hanging because the v-clips also can be used to hang the frame. Frames larger than 20x30 also include security hangers for added support. 

Metal Frame V-Clips

Hanging Posterframes
The hardware is air-nailed into the back of the frame. There are two hardware pieces on each frame so that the frame can be hung vertically or horizontally.

Corrugated Poster frame hanging hardware Foam Core Poster frame hanging hardware Hardboard Poster frame hanging hardware

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