Do It Yourself Picture Frames

DIY Picture Framing

DIY Picture Frames

DIY Picture Framing

Doing big projects yourself can save you and your family hundreds of dollars — particularly when it comes to home renovations and making your decor stand out. It doesn’t have to be expensive to look expensive, and really, that’s what crafting your own projects is all about.

DIY picture framing is perfect for people who have old picture frames lying around with nothing to put in them. If you have run out of artwork or pictures for framing or simply enjoy do it yourself picture frames projects, then our DIY picture frame tutorials are just the thing for you. We’ll show you some great ways to make an ordinary frame into something far more extraordinary with our do it yourself picture frames.

Design A Frame: Your Frame, Your Way!

DIY Picture Frame

Customizable Picture Frames made with our fun and interactive web app. With our step by step process you can place your image, pick your mat and frame, and view it against your wall color before you purchase it. The picture frame you build will be delivered to you 100% assembled and ready to hang.

DIY Picture Frame Tutorials:

Mosaic Picture Frame

A mosaic is art that's made by combining pieces of glass, tile, stone, etc. in a decorative manner. Turing your frame into a mosaic is not as difficult as the fancy name suggest. 

Hanging Photo Collage

If you have an abundance of pictures laying around then this is a great way to display those pictures without cluttering your walls with a ton of frames. What also makes this DIY Picture Framing display nice is that it's extremely easy to swap out and update pictures whenever you have new ones to show off.

Chalkboard Picture Frame

Chalkboard picture frames have been increasing in popularity as people are looking for unique ways to live up their living spaces. These chalkboard DIY Picture Frames provide fun for the whole family

DIY Picture Frame Projects

Learn some great ways to transform old or ordinary picture frames into DIY Picture Frame masterpieces.

Do It Yourself Craft Ideas

Frame USA offers craft kits for those who love making Do It Yourself Picture Frames.

Picture Wall

A picture wall is a photo wall display similar to your own mini art gallery. Picture walls are a popular way to display family portraits, artwork or memories. Use our DIY Picture Frames to create your own wall.

Painting Frames

When doing DIY picture framing projects we suggest using our Decorate It or Unfinished Picture Frame series. These unfinished painting frames make the perfect Do It Yourself Picture Frames and can be crafted with ease.

DIY Picture Frames:

When attempting Do It Yourself Picture Frames we suggest using our Decorate-It Picture Frames or our Unfinished Picture Frames. These DIY Picture Frames are created especially for crafting and they can be painted, stained and decorated with ease.

Decorate-It Picture Frames

DIY Picture Frame  DIY Picture Framing DIY Picture Frames

Decorate-It Picture Frames 1.5" | Decorate-It Picture Frames 2" | Decorate-It Picture Frames 3"

Finally, an unpainted basswood moulding that you can stain or decorate yourself. The kids will love a chance to use these DIY Picture Frames as craft projects. Glue shells, hearts, potpourri, pictures, wallpaper or anything you can find as you continue decorating and give these do it yourself picture frames their own unique look. 

Unfinished Picture Frames

DIY Picture Frame DIY Picture Framing DIY Picture Frames

Unfinished Picture Frames Profile 1 | Unfinished Picture Frames Profile 2 | Unfinished Picture Frames Profile 3

Our unfinished DIY Picture Frames are similar to the Decorate-It Do It Yourself Picture Frames but with a bevel. An unfinished DIY Picture Frame can come in three different beveled profiles and can be customized with paint, stain, glitter, glue and embellishments to make the frame truly yours. 

U-Frame Picture Frames

U-Frame Kit I

DIY Picture Framing  DIY Picture Frame DIY Picture Frames

U Frame I - Blue | U Frame I - Blue Pewter | U Frame I - Contrast Gold

DIY Picture Framing   DIY Picture Frame DIY Picture Frames

U Frame I - Contrast Silver | U Frame I - Flat Black | U Frame I - Gun Metal Grey

DIY Picture Framing   DIY Picture Frame DIY Picture Frames

U Frame I - Old World Pewter | U Frame I - Red | U Frame I - Shiny Black

DIY Picture Framing  DIY Picture Frame DIY Picture Frames

U Frame I - Shiny Bronze | U Frame I - Shiny Gold | U Frame I - Shiny Silver

Diy Picture Framing

U Frame I - White

Frame USA's answer for the DIY Picture Framing inclined individual! Our U-Frame Kits are an economical and easy way to make metal picture frames in almost any size. A U-Frame kit includes two equal length picture frame sizes (one pair), assembly hardware, spring clips and a hanger. Two kits make one frame. Kits require one flat-headed screw driver to assemble. Made in the USA!