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How To Choose The Right Picture Frame

Choosing a frame that suits your needs can be a fun and challenging process. Frame USA offers thousands of options and has experienced customer service representatives available for assisting you in your picture frame decision making process. 

Things you need to know to choose the right frame:

Type of Frame:
On the homepage of our website, you can filter your search by moulding, width, color and keywords. This will help to narrow your search when you have certain parameters you know that you would like to find. 

We have split up our products into categories which you can search to find your picture frame choices. They include: 

What Comes with your Frames:
You can find out what is included with your frame on each product page. Each product in the volume order form denotes what is included with each frame. The options are as follows:

S=Plexi-Glass (PETG)
WH=Sawtooth Hanger

And an example of where you can find this information: 

What comes with our frames

This is how all of our frames are listed: 
Framing Proudct Naming Guide

Real Wood Picture Frames VS Eco-Friendly Wood:
We have over 60 mouldings of wood frames suitable for all your framing needs. you can search different types of wood according to key words and moulding width on the left-hand column on the wood frame page.

BonanzaWood™, made by Framerica®, is an eco-friendly, solid material, with a very smooth, fine-textured surface. It cuts like pine, and readily accepts nails and hangers. BonanzaWood™ provides the expressive finish and look of solid wood, at a fraction of solid wood cost.  About 9 million tons of residual wood each year … wood shavings, chips and sawdust; formerly-wasted trim, ends and other byproducts; post-consumer and "urban" wood, such as pallets and construction materials … are collected, cleaned and milled to uniform-size particles. Excess moisture is removed, and a binder is added. In an automated, computer-controlled process, the combination is then formed under intense heat and pressure.

The Frames That Can be Decorated:
Many customers wonder which frames are OK to paint or stain. For decorating frames, we recommend our Decorate-It Picture Frame series. This series comes in three sizes, with 1.25", 2", and 3" mouldings. You can also decorate our Unfinished Picture Frames. The unfinished series is our decorate-it series with a bevel, and also comes in 3 different profiles. 

Wrapped Moulding: 
Our BonanzaWood™ mouldings are wrapped mouldings--meaning the back of the moulding will not appear as normal wood, like most wood frames. Rather, the back will be a flat continuation of how the frame looks on the front. The mouldings are wrapped on either printed laminate, mica, or vinyl.

Adhering Items into Shadowboxes:
Shadow boxes are perfect for displaying 3-D items such as medals, jerseys, and other memorabilia. You can use a variety of products to adhere items in your shadowbox, such as velcro, rubber glue, or even sewing the item inside. Check your item’s label before choosing a mounting option. 

What Our Metal Frames Are Made Out Of:
There are frames made from metals such as brass, copper, and silver, but when picture framers speak of metal frames they are typically referring to extruded aluminum frames.

The first metal mouldings to catch the public's eye were made for the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, in the late 1950s. Metal moulding became available in kit form in 1968. More recently, ready-made back loaded metal frames became available. Anodizing and painting are the processes used to color aluminum moulding. Anondizing produces a translucent dye-like coloring, while painting, produces a solid opaque finish.

The Difference Between Metal I and Metal II:
The only difference between the Metal I Picture Frames and  Metal II Picture Frame Series  are the color differences. The Metal I series contains a brighter assortment of colors, while the Metal II series contains flat/contrasted colors.

DIY Picture Framing Options:
A great DIY Picture Framing Option is our U-Frame Kits. We offer two different kits, U-Frame Kit I and U Frame Kit II These are made from pre-cut sections of metal moulding. You need to order 2 kits to complete one whole frame.  

Loading a U-Frame Kit requires several short steps. First three sections of metal moulding are joined and the forth side is left open. The corners of the kit frames are joined with specially designed brackets and assembled with a flat head screwdriver. These brackets provide exceptional strength and can be disassembled if necessary. 

Then, the contents are slid into the frame using the open side. Last, the fourth section is joined, and spring clips are inserted behind the contents of the frame to remove any extra space. Spring clips also prevent rattling and shifting of the contents. 

What is included with  a U-Frame Kit:
Each kit comes with two sections of moulding, hardware required to join two corners, two wall protectors called bump-ons, one snap hanger for attaching wire, spring clips, and instructions. Two kits are required to make one frame.

The rigid profile of kit moulding adds durability and functionality. It can withstand more weight than a back loaded frame, and glass can be used in larger sizes. A U-Frame Kit also gives retail store customers a customizable alternative to ready-made frames.  

U-frame kits DO NOT INCLUDE glass/styrene or backing.

Posterframes Vs. Wood Frames:
The only difference between a wood picture frame and our Posterframes is that all sizes come with PETG. Since our poster frames are all made with a type of plastic, glass is not an option. 

Our poster frames come in two different materials: Polystyrene and Mylar. Our Deluxe, Budget Saver, and Simply Poly Poster frames are polystyrene which is a hard plastic frame that is lightweight. Our Hardboard , Corrugated and Foamcore Posterframes are Mylar which is a thin plastic channel with colored film on it. 

Inserting Artwork into Posterframes: 
With our corrugated, foamcore, and hardboard poster frames, each of the four sides needs to be removed in order to insert your artwork. Once you have placed your artwork in between the backing and PETG, simply reassemble all four sides. Our Polystyrene line of Posterframes are back loading frames like our other picture frame series.