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How To Measure a Picture Frame and Mat

The most important part of framing a picture is the measuring. If you do not measure your picture properly you will not select the correct size product. We have given you a brief description of how Frame USA measures picture frames and mats so that you may properly choose which products are the best for you. 

Things you need to know to properly measure:

Measuring A Picture Frame:
All of our frames are measured by the inside dimensions. For example, if you have a 4x6 image, you will want to order a 4x6 frame. A frame's dimensions refer to the size of its opening. It is a common mistake to think the dimensions are the width and height of its outside edges. However, you want to measure the inside edge. For example, if you have a 4x6 image, you should order a 4x6 frame regardless of how much bigger than that the frame may be from outside to outside edge. Some frame styles will overlap the edges of an image more than others. Please refer to the moulding profile drawings on the wood and metal pages for more details.  

With the exception to the Shadowbox Frame Series, frames will provide up to a 1/8" tolerance on each side to accommodate materials being inserted.

How to Measure a FrameHow To Measure Your Image

Measuring A Picture Frame and Mat:
If the size you require is not offered as a standard size, there are two options. You can order a custom size frame, or order a larger standard size frame with a mat cut to make up the difference. For more information about our mat selection. please visit  
Measuring A Frame for a Mat        Measuring A Mat Measuring a picture for a mat