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Type of Frame Mats Available

Mats are a great way to elevate a picture you would like to frame. There are a lot of frame mat options available for purchase through our sister site Mat Designers.

Things you need to know to choose the right frame mats:

Frame USA Frames with Mats:
Some of our wood and metal picture frames already include pre-cut off white frame mats (B403 — Pure White) The mats that are included with these picture frames are true matboard with a beveled cut. The following standard sizes will include a mat with purchase:

 Frame Size

Mat Openings:
The picture frames that come prepackaged with mats have the following openings:

 Frame Size  Image Size with Mat  Actual Mat Opening Size
 5x7  3.5x5.5  3x4.5
8x10  5x7  4.5x6.5
8.5x11c  8x10 7x9
 10x20  (3) 4x6  3.5x5.5
 11x14  8x10  7.5x9.5
16x20  11x14 10.5x13.5

V-Groove Explaination:


Acid Free Frame Mats:
Our mat board PH level is 5.0 for our standard, premium, suede and black core mat board. If you are interested in true acid free mat board that is archival, check out our acid free frame mats which have a PH level of 7.0. 

Price of Additional Frame Mat Openings:
You are able to purchase a mat with 2 or less openings at charge. After the 2nd opening, each additional opening is $0.25 per opening. 
For any frame mat that has more than 2 openings we require a mat diagram. This is to ensure that we cut your mat to your exact specifications. For more information please visit Mat Designers. To inquire about multiple openings or special orders, please email us!

Beveled Mats:
All of our mats are cut with a bevel at a 45° angle.

Mat Dimensions:
We are able to cut custom mats to the nearest 1/8" dimension. If you do have a custom mat we request a mat diagram to ensure the correct dimensions.

Additional Resources To Help You Choose The Right Picture Frame: