Vintage Picture Frames

DIY-Style Vintage Picture Frames – Without the Hassle!

One of our favorite picture frames in our product line has to be the Barnwood series. In this video, Frame USA CEO Dan Regenold talks describes the ins and outs of this unique frame series–only by Frame USA!

Described in the video, we do indeed sell standard barnwood frames. We also sell a white barnwood frame that we describe as Farmhouse Barnwood.

Our customers and vendors trust the quality and versatility of this frame time and time again.  These are perfect for art prints, black and white photography, and especially deep south-style landscapes. They can also be fashioned, DIY style, to resemble vintage picture frames.


Rustic Art Frame
Barnwood White

The Victorian series of picture frames feature fancy, ornate moldings. These wide picture frames are perfect for vintage photography and museum-quality artwork.

Vintage Picture Frames
Vintage Picture Frames

Victorian not only is the name of this series, it describes it as well. Our Victorian Series is characterized with carved ornament embellishments. Made from high quality MDF wood composite material, Victorian Series picture frames don’t carry a high-end price. These composite wood picture frames resemble the look of carved wood. There are two color profiles offered in this series both with their own unique qualities. Walnut with Gold, features a slate-blue initial color with accents of walnut, the inside frame is brushed with a textured gold stripe, finishing with a walnut colored studded edge. Our Antique Gold is a gold finish with flecks of black throughout.

Another great vintage picture frame series is our Napoleon Frames.

Napoleon Vintage Picture Frames
Napoleon Vintage Picture Frames
Beautiful – Regal – Expensive-Looking – Antique Picture Frames… All without going to the custom frame shop! This antique frame is a composite wood-like material called MDF. The edges are wrapped in a manner that reminds you of rope-coiled pillars in a great room of a cruise ship. This antique frame series features three colors to choose from, each with unique texture blended throughout the frame. This handsome profile from Frame USA looks fantastic enough to conquer any great room, living room or office that calls for a fancy look.


What kinds of art would you frame with these vintage picture frames? Leave a comment below!

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