Shadow Box Frames

Create your own custom shadow box with 3 series of shadow box frame: Elite, Showcase, and Boxer. These are deeper than our standard picture frames and designed to store and display you precious mementos. Keep your precious certificates and awards safe with our five different certificate frames: Boardroom, Metal, Heavy Metal, Deluxe and Economy. 

  • -Design keepsakes from mementos, weddings, and family reunions
  • -Perfect for sports memorabilia and collectibles: plates, jerseys, gloves, bats, golf balls, and tees
  • -Capture moments from plays, concerts and events: playbills, small props, drum heads, and tickets
  • -Protect 3 dimensional artworks of various mediums
  • -Corporate, theater, gallery, and band promotions
  • -College and High school diplomas and awards can be kept safe for years to come.