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Be sure to have the right equipment handy for all your framing projects. Please remember to stay safe!
Tips and Tricks

Frame USA Warehouse Outlet's creative staff is here to help with all your framing needs. We want you to succeed at picture framing! Here are a few tips to make your projects easier on framing, hanging, or picture walls.

Tips for Framing:
Don't try to match room colors exactly.
Mix frames of different colors and styles in a room.
If color is critical, bring samples of fabric and paint with you when choosing a frame, mat, or artwork.
The framing should not overpower the art.
Look at room decor in magazines and on T.V. to help figure out what you like.
Ask our friendly and knowledgeable staff questions. The more you know, the better decisions you can make about framing your art and objects.
Tips for Hanging:

Do not hang pictures too high. Think in terms of eye level of the average viewer.  Museums use a 56 inch center line, where the exact middle of each picture is 56 inches from the floor. This is a great rule for hanging pictures in your home too, especially as you balance your different sized pictures with furniture, windows, etc. To do this, measure the back of the picture top to bottom.  Divide that measurement in half. Measure the distance between the taught picture wire and the top of the frame. Subtract that measurement from the ½ the height of the picture measurement. Add that number to 56. In most cases, you’ll be pounding your nail around sixty inches. (This great tip was submitted by a valued customer!) 

Be sure to use hangers that are strong enough to hold the weight of the picture. Two hangers are better than one for large pieces - the weight will be distributed and the picture will be less likely to shift.
Avoid hanging valuable art in sunlight. Excess light can damage many types of artwork. Frame USA offers glass options that filter Ultraviolet rays to significantly reduce harm from light exposure.
When hanging multiple pictures, group them together so they relate to one another instead of appearing to float in a large space on the wall.



Tips for Creating a Picture Wall:

A picture wall displays a group of framed items in a coordinated design. The frames may all be the same style or the same color, but most often a picture wall includes a variety of different frames. The artwork may be united by a theme or subject matter.  Some picture walls display an eclectic mix of sizes, colors and styles.

Here are a few tips for creating the perfect picture wall:

When placing several different sizes of frames and art together, arrange each piece so that one outside edge is in line with another picture next to it, either vertically or horizontally. This helps bring a sense of balance to the grouping. 
Keep the space between frame edges fairly small, typically about two to four inches.  The grouping can build from the center and spread out in all directions.  
If you are unsure about making nail holes in the right spot the first time, you can try organizing the picture arrangement on the floor in front of the wall where it will hang, then hang the pieces one-by-one.  Or, to get a more accurate visualization, cut pieces of newspaper to the size of the framed items and tape them to the wall with removable tape.

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Tips and Tricks
When framing artwork - the framing should not overpower the art. For more tips, click the icon to the left.
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Gallery of our Work
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