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How Deep Are Our Picture Frames

You don't always have a flat piece of paper to frame, sometimes your piece is 3D or a canvas and you need to buy a picture frame that is deep. Our Picture Frames come in a wide range of depths. Read about the different depths below to find your best choice!

Additional Resources To Help You Choose The Right Picture Frame 

Things you need to know about the depth of our picture frames:

Depth of Wood Frames:
The depth of our wood mouldings can range anywhere from 1/2" to 1". On every individual frame series page there is a profile illustration that will show the depth of that frame.

Depth of Shadowbox Frames:
Shadowbox frames are the best option for your pieces that are three-dimensional. They range from a little under 1" all the way up to 3.5" they are the deepest of our picture frame selection

Shadowbox EliteShadowbox ShowcaseShadowbox Boxers 3.5

Depth of Metal Frames:
The depth of our metal mouldings average 1/2" per moulding. For deeper metal options check out our DIY kits: U Frame Kit I and U Frame Kit I.

U Frame Kit IU Frame Kit II

Frames for Canvases:
Three of our frames can hold stretch canvases as long as they are ordered as shell only. The three series are: In Depth, Gilder's Choice Accents, and our Floater Series. Our Floater Series was created specifically for canvas display so it is only available as a shell. 

In depthGilder's Choice Floater