Management Directory


Dan Regenold, CEO  

Dan Regenold, CEO: As founder of both Posterservice and Frame USA, Dan has been here from the beginning.  He works hard constantly looking for new ways to improve what we do and how we do it. Now even as CEO, he is not above spending some time in the warehouse, or on the production line. As a strong family man he knows the importance of unity and strives to keep a value based, fun atmosphere to bring both companies and employees closer together. Even if that means throwing a “summer” lunch, wearing shorts and driving top down during one of the coldest winters on record.  Also, this is one guy who is constant violation of the office music policy. [email protected]

Kelly Ackerman, Sales Operations Manager

Kelly Ackerman, Sales Operations Director: Kelly has helped to create Raving Fans throughout our organization for over 8 years now. As the Sales Operations Director, Kelly oversees our Sales, Customer Service, Marketing, and IT departments. With Kelly's vast knowledge of our business, she has helped lead the team who designed several of our new websites, and overall our "Raving Fan" creators. Kelly is the driving force behind our initiative which has been incredible.  If you have a question or concern about any of her areas, please do not hesitate to contact Kelly, she would love to help! [email protected]    


Anne Decker, Controller

Anne Decker, Controller: Anne leads all Accounting activities for our companies, including accounts payable, accounts receivable, collections, payroll activities and personnel activities. Anne's training and 20 years of accounting experience make her the perfect fit for this not so small task.  Anne's commitment to creating Raving Fans means all facets of our accounting and credit department strive for quick responses and turnarounds. She is also the right hand pancake flipper with our CEO Dan during company events - what's better than that?   [email protected]    

Ruby Singh, Human Resources Manager

Ruby Singh, Human Resources Manager: Ruby is all about keeping the human aspect in the title Human Resources Manager. Always having a smile on her face, Ruby strives to do what is best and most fair for all of our employees.  She is one of #1 ambassadors of Frame USA throughout the community and a great salesperson for us.   Ruby also heads our Safety committee, as we work hard daily to keep all facets throughout our company safe.  She is new Board member on the Sharonville Chamber of Commerce and is a California girl at heart, who now lives in Ohio - our main question for her sometimes is why?   [email protected]    

Tim Rolling, Operations Manager

Tim Rolling, Operations Manager: Tim is a proven Supply Chain professional with over 25 years of experience, succeeding in a fast-paced warehouse environment. He takes great pride in being a talented coach & mentor employing a dedicated hands-on supportive leadership style, to develop the skills of direct reports and peers.   Tim is a highly energetic, motivated and versatile Director possessing outstanding communication and relationship building skills based on integrity, honesty and respect. Tim is very dedicated to his job, team and last but certainly not least, his Family. In his time away from work he enjoys spending time with his 3 children camping, fishing & hunting. [email protected]

Angela Aronow, Licensing Director

Angela Aronow, Licensing Director:  Angela is our Licensing Director and we love great images at Posterservice and Frame USA.  If you have great, fun art that you have created that you want to publish we want to talk to you.   Please send us your ideas and images to look at and see if it fits our growing niche in the marketplace   A few tidbits….  I made my prom dress out of caution tape and it was super awesome.   I tend to splurge on front row tickets to see my absolute favorite bands in concert—(just thought you’d want to know…)   [email protected]

Travone Hall, Customer Service Manager

Travone Hall, Customer Service Manager—Our chief protector of Raving Fans.   Travone will get back to you and make the situation right whatever it is.    Ultra, super-protective of our GREAT 4.76 Google Review ratings Travone helps us keep our course clear for our #1 concern—our customers!   He grew up in the great state of Wisconsin and is a die-hard Badgers fan (bad time for us around March….!) He is  proud to say he is still able to dunk a basketball(?), and he enjoys playing the piano in my free time. [email protected]

Brandon Swinehart, Frame USA In-House Sales Manager

Brandon Swinehart, Frame USA In-House Sales Manager:   Brandon has recently been named our In-House Sales Manager because of his experience and his strong ability to work with our customers—large and small—to make their jobs easy.   He has the ability to make almost any situation work, always looking to provide value to customers who have time-sensitive projects coming.  He is a specialist in the full array of products we offer to the Advertising market and knows all of our specialty frames and how to make them work.    His favorite thing in the world is sitting with his wife watching his 3 year old and 18 month old perform a new “ballet” in his living room every night--Nice!  [email protected]

Matt Nagel, Posterservice Sales Manager

Matt Nagel, Posterservice Sales Manager:    Matt is new to the team but is a team player at heart and runs our Poster sales team.   He coordinates our important Rack program, runs our college poster program and helps retail stores with the merchandise they need.   Matt played Rugby at the University of Cincinnati and his true passion is Baseball. If I could live anywhere in the world he would make sure it was somewhere on a beach. Matt is a lifetime resident of Cincinnati.   [email protected]

Denyia Gott, Retail Store Manager

Denyia Gott, Retail Store Manager: Denyia brings a wealth of experience to Frame USA as our Retail Store Manager.   She has been a custom picture framer for 23 years, and during that time she has framed virtually everything.   She can help you with any idea and give you a place to start on your most important projects.   Quality and creating Raving Fans are her two most important objectives.   Denyia says, “ I am blessed to be able to say that I love what I do for a living”. When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends having as much fun as possible.    [email protected]