Sleek and modern styling for decor has been in fashion for a while now, but recently a return to a more rustic approach has been gaining popularity. A lot of people are finding that the Barnwood, homespun, outdoorsy look helps them relax better after they’ve spent a long day at an office where the surroundings are all straight lines and neutral colors. This has led to a boom in the business of “reclaimed” wood–wood taken from demolished farmhouses, outbuildings and barns–to create furniture and decorations. 

Here at Frame USA our Barnwood Picture Frame selection comes in a number of varieties. Some Barnwood Frames are molded to resemble barn wood while others are actual reclaimed barn wood taken from barns and farmhouses across the country. Both are ideal for giving your room a down home look.

Barnwood Picture Frames


Made from reclaimed Barnwood, our original Barnwood Frames comes complete with imperfections designed to show it’s authenticity. This Barnwood Picture Frame is reclaimed, meaning it’s environmentally friendly and gives new life to old wood, keeping it useful and helping to use fewer resources.

Barnwood Signature Series

Barnwood Picture Frames Barnwood Frames

Very similar to the Barnwood series, our Signature Barnwood series comes in two widths, 2 7/8″ and 3 5/8″. These Barnwood Picture Frames are also made from real reclaimed barnwood and they look great with a slightly different profile than the original so you could have them side by side for a nice visual effect.

Barnwood Shadowbox Picture Frames


The Barnwood Shadowbox Picture Frame is a perfect choice for when you want to display something that requires a little more depth than a picture frame can provide–maybe a collectible or memento–you can still get the rustic barnwood look with our Barnwood Shadowbox. It has a 2 1/8″ width and a 1 1/2″ depth and comes in 10 standard sizes.

Farmhouse Barnwood Picture Frames

Farmhouse Barnwood Picture Frame Barnwood Picture Frames

These Barnwood Frames are another wood frame finished to resemble barnwood. They have a simple build with a flat profile for a fun mix of modern styling with that rustic appeal. The Farmhouse Barnwood Picture Frames have a distressed finish, and with their simple profile would go well in a kitchen, bathroom or bedroom (though either of these wood frames would work perfectly in any room of your house).

Appalachian Barnwood Picture Frames

Barnwood Picture Frames Barnwood Frames

Barnwood Picture Frames Barnwood Frames

The Appalachian Barnwood Picture Frames are the closest to our old style reclaimed wood frames. These picture frames are made from normal lumber but finished to give it a barnwood feel. This is for when you like the barnwood look but don’t want the imperfections. Our Appalachian Barnwood Frames come in four different colors (Grey, Whitewash, Rustic Black and Rustic Brown) and have the distressed and “stripped” look of true barnwood, featuring a “double frame” style build. These are ideal for putting up in a den, family room or living room.

If you have photos and art you want to hang in frames that remind you of a time when things moved a little slower and lives were a little less hectic, think about picking up one of our Barnwood Frames. True beauty that’s found within imperfection.