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Wedding Season is upon us!—Wedding Ideas with Picture Frames

Using Picture Frames on Your Wedding Day

The start of summer/end of spring marks the beginning of wedding season. There is just something about the return of beautiful flowers and plants that makes tying the knot so appealing. Weddings are a blast, who doesn’t love a night to spend with loved ones eating delicious food and dancing the night away. When you’re the one planning the wedding however, the weeks leading up to the event are filled with countless hours spent looking for the perfect venue, the best food and cake, the beautiful flowers and attire all to make your day perfect. This time is so stressful that by the end of the reception all you want to do is sleep!

With that being said the one thing that serves as a lifeline to a Bride is Pinterest.

Pinterest gives the couple the perfect outlet to find ideas when the bride or groom is one flower arrangement away from becoming bridezilla (or groomzilla!). It keeps the planners sane and organized. We thought we would give our readers some of our favorite Pinterest finds to make picture frames a part of your perfect day.

Seating Charts: 

If you are looking for a inexpensive way to show your guests where to sit, lose the individual place cards and instead opt for one large frame that has where everyone is sitting. We’ve got a couple of ideas for you that we’ve found:

Seating Chart Wedding
Wedding Seating Chart Frame Photographed by Charlotte Razzell1486646_10152344422282484_8965965083441341096_n

The other option that we have seen first hand work well. Create a basic outline of the room that shows where each table is located and then list where each person is sitting so that people know exactly what table their sitting at and where they can find it!




There is something beautiful about picture frame shells as decorations. There are so many ways they can be used, and in so many different wedding themes. You can’t go wrong.

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Decorations that serve a purpose are the best kind of decorations. We love the idea of letting your guests know the type of drinks they can get by using a framed menu. 10649857_10152272250322484_6844616073796223897_n 1609730_10152180241597484_165841600951455848_n

Another decoration idea that serves a purpose: tell your guests who your maids and men are!

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The probably best way to incorporate picture frames in your big day is by using one as your guest book!

A matted picture with your loved ones signatures forever displayed as you start your life together is a great way to remember your special day. Check out our great selection of picture frames, all of which are able to be engraved with your wedding date!


Large Picture Frames

NEW Wedding and Event Frames

We’ve had requests for a product like this, and with the great success its had in our retail store, we decided to add a new ready-made product that’s sure to be a hit! The picture frame is very large, as is the inside mat which is used to collect signatures. The best part is, the kit comes complete!

Wedding Picture Frames
All-inclusive event frame set!

Like a guest-book that you can proudly display on your wall, our Special Event Signature Mat Set will give guarantee you memories that will last a lifetime!

From our E-bay pages:

Commemorate your special event with this signature mat set. Instead of your loved ones’ well wishes hidden from view in a signature book; they can be displayed encompassing your photo. This 5” wide white mat will accommodate over 150 signatures and messages from your guests. The wire hanger is included but not attached, so you have the freedom to choose if your frame will hang vertically or horizontally. A beautiful 2.5″ wide matte black wood frame with a shiny inside lip handsomely adds the finishing touch. A comparable picture frame and matting at a custom frame shop would cost over $140.00.

What comes with this set:

  • 1 Custom sized picture frame, mat opening suitable for an 8×10 or 11×14 photo.
  • 1 White double mat; ACID FREE conservation grade so your signatures and photo will not age, fade, or turn yellow.
  • 2 Signature pens; permanent black ink, smear and water resistant when dry, and acid free
  • 1 Cardboard backer
  • 1 Styrene front protective sheet; a lightweight type of plexiglass
  • 1 Wire hanging kit
  • AND FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the continental United States


This frame is easily disassembled making it a breeze to use. Lay the frame face down on a clean surface. Bend flexpoints up away from the cardboard backing. Remove everything from the frame. Tape your photo to your mat and place your matted photo and the backing back into the frame (keeping the styrene safe for later). Push the flexpoints back down against the cardboard. After your event, open the flexpoints again and remove everything. Remove the protective films on the styrene and place it into the frame along with the signed matted photo and backing. Push the flexpoints once more down against the cardboard. Install the wire hanger and enjoy!

Find them here!

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