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Featured Poster of the Week – GAGA

GUESS WHAT? The new Lady Gaga album, Born This Way, is being released on May 23. That is TWO WEEKS away.

Item #9263 Lady Gaga, Born This Way

The world has undoubtedly been taken by storm with Ms. Gaga. She has cut right through societal norms with her outlandish ways and lyrics that give her fans something to relate to.

Let’s face it: She is incredible.

Like her music or not, she is giving people hope all across the world that they are perfect in every imperfection they may have. She stresses unique personalities, being comfortable in your own skin, and being ridiculous whenever you want! She has given the word ‘free’ and entirely new meaning in pop culture.

“You have to be unique and different; and shine in your own way.”
Lady Gaga