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Poster Frames

Poster Frames and Poster-Sized Frames

Poster Frames
Ian Waugh uses our Clean Cut series to make beautiful poster frames.


Our poster frames are ideal for just about any job you can think of (including personal art use!) But sometimes you need something a little more. Sometimes you want to make a point, or use a different color. Luckily, most of our regular frames come available in poster sizes! From wood to metal, you can usually get exactly the size you are looking for in a larger size.

Common poster frame sizes

  • 18×24 inches – Lobby and venue posters for concerts, plays, or other events
  • 24×36 inches – Common dorm room, band, black light, or decorative posters
  • 27×40 inches – US Full sheet movie posters (Occasionally 27×41 inches. Measure your art if you are unsure.)

Like Ian’s example above, a higher-quality wooden frame will make your collection timeless. This isn’t to say our branded Posterframe collection is anything less, but consider the looks of our most commonly purchased poster-sized frames: Corporate, Architect or Clean Cut Frames. For collections or a movie poster favorite, you will love them!

The best option is to try them out and see which profiles are right for you! You have FREE frame samples delivered to your door from our Frame Samples page. Simply look under “New Arrivals” on either the wood, metal, poster, shadow box or certificate pages.

Remember, if you need any help with your poster frames, please call 800.577.5920 or click here if you have custom framing needs.

Enjoy, and thanks for shopping with Frame USA!


Inspirational Posters May

Top Selling Inspirational Posters For May

Summer is in full swing. It’s getting hotter outside and many of us spend our days working indoors staring at nothing but boring walls… We say, make your work or living space a little more exciting with a poster or two. We can even supply you a great frame to add the perfect accent.

Inspirational posters not only brighten up a boring space, they also have some form of inspirational quote to help keep you motivated, when you’d rather be outside.

Today we are looking at the Best Selling Inspirational Posters for May from our sister site: http://www.posterservice.com.

  1. Dali Lama – A to Zen DALAI LAMA A TO ZEN - Poster
  2. Live Your Life LIVE YOUR LIFE - Poster
  3. Art Speaks ART SPEAKS - Poster
  4. Peace Wall PEACE WALL - Poster
  5. Wake Up Life Is Too Short - Poster

Now that you have something to decorate your walls, don’t forget to order the perfect frame! All of the above posters are the standard 24 x 36 inch dimensions. They go perfect with our poster frames series or you can order just about any of our wood or metal frames in 24×36 dimensions.

Yes We Have Large Picture Frames

Are you looking for a large picture frame for a poster or larger signage? Perhaps you have a traveling display with promotional materials that you need to display and protect. Maybe you have a restaurant that decorates with panoramic cityscapes and you need a solution to frame these larger than average artworks. Well you’ve landed in the right place. At Frame USA we manufacture a huge selection of wood, metal, and styrene frames just for such a purpose.

large picture frames

If you browse through our catalog of frames, you will notice that most frames that we offer are available up to 27 inches x 41 inches. These large frames can accommodate anything from big movie posters to large trade show displays.

When purchasing a large picture frame it is important that you know the exact measurements of the item that you plan to frame. You should order your frame to fit the artwork or matting , but understand that there must be some overhang that will hide a small portion of the edge. Large Picture Frame Moulding If you are framing your items directly and not using any type of matting, you can look at the profile of any frame moulding on our site to find out how much over-hang there will be once you mount your art or signage.

All of our large picture frames ship with a styrene glazing or facing to shield your photos or other items dirt and dust. The clear styrene facing is quite durable but keep in mind, almost any harsh chemicals will damage and possibly distort the clarity of the glazing. On our large frames, you should take care to use only a soft cloth and water to clean any debris or fingerprints without causing damage to the styrene materials.

Please keep in mind that all of our large frames are made right here in the United States of America. If you require any customization to your large frames, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service department at 1.800.577.5920, or fill out our custom quote form. We can accommodate requests for custom inserts, laser engraving, or custom matting, to name a few.


Top Selling Picture Frames

Top Selling Picture Frames

Extra!  Extra!  Read all about it!  Our frames are the best and we’re going to shout it!  At Frame USA, we back our products 100%.  All of our products are Made in the USA, and this something we truly pride ourselves on.  We offer over 80 series of picture frames between our wood picture frames, metal picture frames, poster frames, certificate frames, shadowbox frames, and all of our other great options.  Even with our wide variety, we naturally have several best sellers.  Today, we want to share our top 5 with you:

  1. Corporate Series
    • Corporate Wood Picture Frames Our Corporate Series picture frame is our best selling series overall!  This eco-friendly frame is environmentally friendly, and is made up of recycled wood materials.  It comes in 10 great colors and 3 different profiles.  The Corporate Series can be used for any type of framing, whether you are framing a poster for a dorm room or a diploma from a graduation.  The versatility of this frame makes it the best in our class.


  2. Architect Series
    • Architect Series Picture Frames Our Architect Series picture frame is our second best seller.  It is slightly smaller than our Corporate Narrow Series, coming in at ¾” in width.  The Architect Series is a real wood picture frame, and our customers love the wood grain look.  This series comes in 9 colors, so you can find a match for almost anything.


  3. Corrugated Poster Frames
    • Corrugated Poster Frames Our Corrugated Poster Frames come in just behind our Corporate and Architect Series at number three.  This frame may be plastic, but don’t let it fool you, it is a great product.  While the cost is low, we only produce top notch quality with our products.  This frame is especially great for movie posters, awards, hanging posters around your home, or anything else your heart desires.


  4. Metal I/II
    • Series 2 Metal Frames Everyone loves our metal picture frames, especially our Metal I and Metal II Series.  These series have the exact same profile, with the only difference being the colors.  The Metal I series offer a range of shiny colors, while the Metal II series offer more contrast, dull colors.  Between both series you have thirteen awesome colors to choose from.  Our metal frames are used most commonly to frame certificates, photos, awards, and other key documents.


  5. Deluxe Posterframe
    • Black Deluxe Poster Frame Rounding out our top 5 best sellers is our Deluxe Posterframe series.  This series is a great step up from our Corrugated Posterframe option.  The Deluxe Posterframe may be plastic, but it loads from the back like a wood picture frame or metal picture frame would.   This high quality look and low price cause these frames to fly off our shelves.  This series comes in black, silver, and gold.


So there you have it!  Frame USA’s top 5 best selling picture frames.  Don’t let this list fool you though- we have over 75 other fantastic options to choose from, and something for everyone and every style!