Six Framing Industry Tips from Decor Arts Now!

We recently posted some of our big tips that we’ve learned in the framing industry (click here if you haven’t read yet!) but we also found a great article that gave some extra tips on framing. Decor Arts Now is a great blog covering topics such as interior decorating, design and home artwork.

In the article we are featuring today, writer Lynn Byrne discusses her son’s artwork and the process of framing his artwork at a New York custom framing favorite, J. Pocker. She does a great job of showing the inside work of a custom framing operation, and showcasing some ways that you can make your art shine… Even if you’re doubtful of the quality of your art, sometimes a simple frame is all you need to bolster its value.

To find out more, visit her original blog post!

picture framers
Photo: Author Lynn Byrne and Framer Robyn Pocker


picture framing
Some historical framing, indeed! Custom framing from J. Pocker in NY.

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