FrameMatches_7 Picture Frame Championship:Round 1, Match 7

Update: The Picture Frame Series That will be advancing to round 2 is…. FRAMEUSA.COM PICTURE FRAME CHAMPIONSHIP ROUND 1, MATCH 7 We’re once again back to the Poster frames for match 7. The winner of this match will face the winner of Match 5 to decide the ultimate Poster Frame. In Match 7 our most basic poster frame the Corrugated Series goes head to …

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Frame Championship

Let’s Get Ready To Rummmbleeee: Frame USA Championship Match

Update: Final Championship Match: Corporate Narrow Series VS Shadowbox Showcase Series.Expires 4/2 3:45 PM EST. Update: Round 3, Match 1 & 2: Corporate Narrow Series VS Glory Metal Series & Deluxe Poster Frame Series VS Shadowbox Showcase Series.Expires 4/1 3:45 PM EST. Update: Round 2, Match 3 & 4: Deluxe Poster Frame VS Simply Poly Series & Deluxe Certificate Series VS Shadowbox Showcase.Expires 3/31 3:45 PM …

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