Frame USA Retail Outlet Store Charity of the Month SPCA Cincinnati

Frame USA’s Retail Outlet Store, located in Cincinnati, Ohio, is working with the SPCA to raise money to improve the welfare of animals and provide protection to animals in need.

SPCA Cincinnati is an Animal Shelter and Humane Society that continually strives to strengthen the human-animal bond and improve the welfare of animals by fostering humane care and treatment of all animals. Through humane education and animal protection, we improve the quality of life in our community.  SPCA Cincinnati provides services to Hamilton County and the City of Cincinnati, Ohio. This service area covers a population of over 900,000 people and an area of over 500 square miles.  SPCA Cincinnati relies upon private donations and receives no tax money to operate nor does the United Way subsidize us in any way.

Last year, SPCA Cincinnati handled around 18,000 animals. Good homes with concerned, qualified families were found for thousands of these animals.  Efforts are continually being made to improve their adoption rates.

If you would like make a donation, please e-mail [email protected] for more information.

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