Frame Tip: Hanging your Artwork

Step 1) Make sure to get a high quality frame with proper accessories to safely and securely mount your art on the wall.

Step 2) Pick a place to hang your art.  If your room is large consider a larger sized piece of art.  Alternatively, consider a smaller size piece of artwork to place in a smaller room.  If you are hanging your art in a gallery setting, it is generally best practice to have your artwork be the only thing on the walls.

Step 3) Hang your frame.  You generally want to hang your frame at Eye-Level.  Based on average height, you want to place it around 5 feet 9 inches.  Make sure to use a tape measure to accurately mark the spot for your frame.  The center piece of the frame should be around the 5 feet 9 inches mark.

Step 4) Consider adding additional framed pieces that compliment your work.  For an idea of additional frames to use, check out our comprehensive list of wood frames.

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