Featured Frame of the Week: Shadowbox Series

Featured Frame of the Week: Shadowbox.  Our Shadowbox series comes in three different styles:  Elite, Showcase, and Boxer.  Each series provides high-end craftsmanship and unique alternatives to framing.
The Elite Series features a simplistic profile and four beautiful colors (Black, Honey, Cherry, Unfinished) options at affordable prices.  This series is perfect for keepsakes, medals, plaques, and other collectibles.
The Showcase Series is an inexpensive Shadowbox frame that is perfect for “showcasing” those items of special interest and sentiment.  Similar to the Elite Series, the Showcase Series offers a simplistic profile and features four beautiful color options.
Finally, the Boxer Series is an eloquently wrapped wood frame that comes in two different sizes each several inches deep.  This series offers an upscale look for framing those special keepsakes and collectibles.

Have you used a shadowbox frame?  What did you place inside it?

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