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Posterservice – Your Place For Posters!

Many of you may not know much about our sister company, Posterservice actually started before Frame USA was around. We license and distribute posters to customers all around the country. We are also the exclusive US distributor for GB eye, a poster company in Great Britain. Anyone who wants a poster in the GB eye line in the United States can only order it through Posterservice. Along with GB eye, we create many in house posters and concepts as well. We work to find some of the best images around, and become the exclusive licensor of those images.

Our Posterservice team just got back from the Camex Show in Dallas, Texas, March 9-11, 2014. CAMEX is the largest college bookstore trade show in the industry. Each year, Posterservice works hard to bring the best product forward to these shows. With our largest market being college bookstores through the United States, this is the perfect show for us.
We mainly focus on selling two main products at this show:

1. Shrinkwrap Dumps
These are boxes of 50 shrinkwrapped posters per box. It comes complete with a cardboard box that you can simply set up in your store and immediately sell the product. Not sure what to pick? We are happy to pick a mix for you! Just tell us about your store and we can do the rest!

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2. Poster Racks
Join our Rack Track Program and you will not be disappointed! We offer 48 and 60 slot racks, which allow your customers to fan through the full size image at the top, and then select their rolled poster down below. Each rack slot is numbered, and matches the full size poster in the upper sleeve. Once again, we can choose the product mix for you or you can choose your own. A great benefit of our Rack Track program is that you can also return any posters that are not selling to us. We will take those back, provide you with a credit, and we can get new posters into those poster slots almost immediately for you. This is a great perk  that helps to keep your poster rack up to date at all times.

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If you are a Retail Store not currently selling posters, now is your chance to change that! Our poster team is always here to help! If you have questions, please feel free to call us today at 1-800-577-5920 or email us at [email protected]. Our website is also changing daily so check it out today at!

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Six Framing Industry Tips from Decor Arts Now!

We recently posted some of our big tips that we’ve learned in the framing industry (click here if you haven’t read yet!) but we also found a great article that gave some extra tips on framing. Decor Arts Now is a great blog covering topics such as interior decorating, design and home artwork.

In the article we are featuring today, writer Lynn Byrne discusses her son’s artwork and the process of framing his artwork at a New York custom framing favorite, J. Pocker. She does a great job of showing the inside work of a custom framing operation, and showcasing some ways that you can make your art shine… Even if you’re doubtful of the quality of your art, sometimes a simple frame is all you need to bolster its value.

To find out more, visit her original blog post!

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Photo: Author Lynn Byrne and Framer Robyn Pocker


picture framing
Some historical framing, indeed! Custom framing from J. Pocker in NY.

Weekly Picture Frame Sales – Are You in the Know?

Frame USA: Your source for cheap, high-quality picture frames

You may follow us on our social networks, and perhaps even glance at our website banner advertisements every now and then to grab the latest big deal. But did you know we also have an option to sign up for weekly emails, giving you the latest savings on your favorite products? On the front page of our website, in the lower left-hand corner, there is a signup box where you can enter your email address. Do this to receive updates and sales from Frame USA that apply to both retail AND wholesale customers!

Below, you can see an example of one of our weekly “Frame of the Week” promotions. This sets one entire series on sale on and one specific frame on sale from Usually for the weekly closeout, we try to offer a customer favorite style of frame that also has plenty of inventory to go around!


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Interior Design Tips by Sara Eizen

We were a big fan of this article by Sara Eizen, who spoke with the Mantle Art Company and published this piece. Be sure to go check it out!

picture frame interior design
Design pro, Sara Eizen


Here were some tips we thought were especially helpful:

-Using children’s art to decorate their rooms, as well as certain parts of the house in which they may mesh well with colors.

-Use a sheet of magnetic sheet metal, a frame and some paint to take the refrigerator-art concept and blow it up on a macro level. Additionally, clipboards and bulletin boards can go from everyday items to “fun and inexpensive ideas (that) can have so many other uses in addition to displaying kid’s art.”

-Order frames online to keep the bustle of running framing errands to a minimum.


What are some ways that YOU save time and money for your around-the-house projects? How important is your kid’s involvement in the creative process? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

Source: Mantle Art Company

American Made Products

American Made Products – Frame USA “Amps it Up”

Celebrating American Made Products for 30 years!

Frame USA’s business plan title for this year is “Amp it Up!”, a slogan that will remind us throughout the year to continue to raise the bar for companies that source labor, materials and manufacturing within the United States.

We even made a video that supports why it’s important to shop for items that are made in the USA. This can be anything from picture frames, shoes, clothing, toys and even software and phone apps. Spending local and shopping small is always the best option!

Not sure where to buy items made in America? Googling “American Made Products” will turn up a great number of resources for you to find some great American businesses that produce the items that you use every day! Alternatively, Diane Sawyer’s “Made In America” series gave some great American manufacturing businesses a shout-out — including us!

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Preserving your Artwork in Wood Frames Will Increase its Value

Cheap Picture Frames can Increase your Artwork’s Value

When it comes to framing your artwork, cost should not be the determining factor. You can use cheap wood frames to complete your work. What it comes down to is the method that is used in order to preserve the longevity and value of your pieces. Understanding how to choose the frame for your artwork will help you to get the most out of it, whether you plan to sell it or simply want to keep your own work in optimal condition.

Acid Free Materials

The use of acid free materials is crucial to the longevity of your artwork. This pertains to the materials used on the front and back of the work. If you do not use acid free materials, you put your work at risk for deteriorating or looking worn inside the wooden picture frames. You will likely start to see small brown spots that eventually spread over the entire piece of art. Even when you find products that are termed “acid-free” you should proceed with caution. The best mats to use are those that are made from 100 percent cotton rag, which is known to last for centuries without deterioration. This is true for the mat as well as the backing board. Even though the backing board does not play a large role in the appeal of the finished product, it can weigh the frame down and put your work of art in danger of getting ruined.

Archival Quality

Another important factor to look for when preserving your artwork is the term ‘archival quality’. This is a standard that is set by curators and librarians that deal with old items that need to be preserved. Any product that is labeled archival quality will not prematurely harm your work of art. These products have no chemical reactions that can occur that could cause deterioration of your work, allowing them to remain beautiful for many years to come.

Reversible Products

Any wood picture frames or mats that you use should also be completely reversible. This means that nothing is permanent about your new display and that you can remove them later on if you decide to do so. In order for archival products to be effective, they need certain conditions in order to be able to provide the longevity that they promise. This includes being stored in a room that has controlled temperature, light and handling. This gives the product a chance at standing the test of time as well as being reversed in the future if the need arises.

Museum Quality Mat board

When you choose the mat board for your artwork to be placed in wood frames, you need to take into consideration the longevity that you desire. If you plan for your art to be around for many years to come, you need museum quality mat board. This means that it is non-acidic, lignin free and archival quality. If you do not use the appropriate mat, you put your work at risk for discoloration and acid burn. If the mat is not acid free, the entire picture could eventually become discolored or look burned. Looking for the highest quality mat board that promotes conservation is key to the longevity of your products.

Keeping Enough Space

Keeping plenty of space between your art and the glass of the frame can help to prevent it from sticking or causing damage. Glass that is too close or touching could allow moisture, dirt and other particles to build up on your art. Choosing the right glass gives your work of art plenty of breathing room and the ability to be conserved for many years to come.

Cheap wood frames can provide your artwork with the beauty and longevity that you desire. When you shop for frames, ensure that they are of archival quality, use museum quality mat boards and that all mats and mounting boards are acid and lignin free. This will help to preserve the longevity of your artwork. For more information about choosing the right wood frames for your work, contact The Frame Place and see how you can transform your art into pieces of elegance and beauty.

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The Starving Artist’s Guide to Wood Picture Frames

So you want a wooden frame for your artwork…

If you have an abundance of artwork lying around, you might wonder what to do with it. Rather than leaving it collect dust, you can hang it on the wall without breaking the bank! In order to accomplish this goal you need to know the proper way to purchase wood frames that will help to preserve the longevity of your artwork as well as make it look beautiful while remaining affordable.

Conservation of your Art Work

Artwork can easily be damaged, which is why conservation should be your number one priority when it comes to choosing the right wooden picture frames. You need to take into consideration the elements that your artwork will be exposed to in order to ensure its protection. Think about the type of light, temperature ranges, dust and exposure to insects or pests that your pieces will be exposed to while hanging on the wall. This will help you to pick the appropriate frame, type of glass and mat that will protect your picture the best. All matting should be non-acidic, as it could cause premature deterioration of the work. When you shop for the window mat or mount backboard, you should look for products that are acid and lignin free for the ultimate protection.

The finished product.


The aesthetics of your framed artwork play an obvious important role in your final piece. There are many choices when it comes to choosing the frame for your piece. You should take into consideration the room that your art will be hung in as well as the style of the piece to determine the type of frame that you will choose. If you have modern art, you might want to opt for clean lines and simple frames, while more traditional pieces might look best in an ornate frame. You will have many choices including color, material and size of the frame. In addition to the frame, the mat that you use plays a role in the aesthetic appeal of your finished product. A mat that is too large can take over your art, while one that is small might minimize the power behind your piece.
Monochrome Photo Wall


The cost of your wood picture frames should not predicate the final look of your art, but will play an obvious role in your choice. The cost of framing does not have to be an overwhelming decision though. It is a common misconception that all quality frames are expensive. It is possible to find quality cheap wood frames as long as you know what to look for before purchasing. Look for quality material at the lowest prices possible by shopping at stores that offer frames in bulk or offers wholesale prices. This will enable you to get quality at prices you can afford for your art.

Framing Canvases

When you are framing a canvas, you have a few other considerations to remember since it does not require a mat or glass. One important consideration before purchasing wood frames for your canvas is to ensure that it is square. The best way to do this is to measure each diagonal of the art. If they are not equal, you will need to make them equal before purchasing the frame to complete your art.

Framing your artwork in wooden or poster frames is easy and affordable. Knowing exactly what you need before shopping will help you to ensure the best purchase. Your artwork should be able to last the test of time. You can shop for the highest quality frames at the best prices at The Frame Place to ensure that your artwork has the protection that you desire for many years to come.

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Laser Engraving – What to Look for in an Engraver

Laser engraved products are absolutely storming the market, anywhere from engraved jewlery to engraved hunting rifles. A big draw to this is personalization; being able to modify a product so that it reflects something with meaning to the consumer. It goes without saying, then, that laser engraving is something that must be done with the utmost care and skill to give the customer exactly what they want.

In a recent post by DECOR magazine, Lisa Crabtree of Spring, Texas uses her laser engraving machine to corner the engraving market in the small town. She discusses all of the big project undertakings that come with engraving products. You can read more about it here!

The big secret to engraving lies in the craftsmanship, technology and the technical skill of the engraver. One must know how to troubleshoot errors, utilize expert layout skills and have a broad understanding of the engraved material. It can be a very costly process if your engraver is not careful.

Similarly, it’s important to know the limitations of laser engraving. There are many surfaces that can be harmful if engraved, or even ruined. Knowing an expert is half the battle!

You can get started with our laser engraving app located here!

More on engraving: DECOR Magazine

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Deluxe Poster Frames

Jennifer in this video will show you the differences in our Deluxe Poster Frames and exactly what makes them so special.

Deluxe poster frames are available in large sizes (like our large picture frames) and also feature a wider profile than what you will find in our corrugated, hardboard or foamcore lines. You can also have a look at our Budget Saver line (somewhat identical in profile to our Black Wood series) for a thicker profile, or consider ordering a standard wood or metal frame in a poster-compatible size.

We hope this video and description will help you create the best image possible for your art. See more of our videos on your YouTube channel!