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Bit O Whimsey

Bit O Whimsey – Posterservice’s #1 Plaque Customer!

One of the many large  plaque orders by Kandy Myndy!
One of the many large plaque orders by Kandy Myndy!

Our poster division, Posterservice Inc., is very fortunate to have such a diverse customer base. Music stores, museums, smoke shops, poster distributors, Spencers, college book stores and educational resource vendors all depend on Posterservice for the hottest images in poster printing and publishing.

One service that our customers particularly enjoy is a service offered by Posterservice called plaque mounting. Plaque mounting is a display option that allows you to preserve your image my mounting an image on wood, followed by laminating the image in a transparent seal that turns an ordinary wood mount into… well, a plaque! Chances are, if you’ve visited any home decor shop, you’ll find a great assortment of beautiful art prints inside of a plaque.

Kandy Myny – artist, entrepreneur and our number 1 plaque customer – has used Posterservice for just a short period, since February 2011. In this time she has placed an average of 6 orders a month, each order totalling a substantial amount of plaques. It’s customers like Kandy that any business is proud to serve. She loves our wood mount product so much that it is one of the main items she sells showcasing her beautiful art!

That's quite a plaque order!
Kandy holding one of the many plaques!

About the artist:
“I am a self taught mixed media artist creating original paintings, collages and reproductions. I love to express the whimsical side of things by using a rich and colorful color palette. My whimsical mixed media style is created using paint, paper, charcoal, and a variety of textural elements to create unique, one of a kind pieces of art. Whenever possible I enjoy using recycled materials both new and old to incorporate into my work. My portfolio includes a whimsical world of colorful neighborhoods and landscapes with trees that resemble lollipops, birds with stilt like legs, owls, quirky homes and girls with inspiring messages. In just a few short years I have created Bit O’ Whimsey Design Studio, travel to juried art fairs, sell to galleries and boutiques, manage an Etsy shop and I have created a wholesale line. My art has been well received and is in homes across the country and the world…


Kandy’s Portfolio and Shop:


Etsy: BitOWhimsey


Picture Frames

Free Picture Frames?

That’s right! Well, conditionally of course. We can’t just GIVE away our frames…

But we are holding an art blogging contest on our Facebook page for artists, interior decorators and designers of all kinds. This is a chance to not only receive FREE Frame USA gift cards of at least $25, but to also gain additional exposure as an artist/designer.

Picture Frame Deals
Art / Frame Blogging Contest

The contest rules are as follows:

“Submit one blog entry related to art, interior decorating, DIYprojects, art framing or galleries. Successful articles will have at least 250 words, at least 2 images (bonus points for original images, if taken offline, must provide link to image), and an optional artist bio section with 2 links to their portfolio/facebook page. We want to encourage sharing when the articles hit our blog!”

Also, the official rules state:

“Original submissions only. We reserve the right to use any submissions for our blog:

Articles that follow our guidelines receive greater chance of winning. We are seeking quality articles and also to credit the artists/designers/authors. We encourage sharing as this increases the pool of winners. Artist bios should be submitted with every entry. One entry per person only please.”

You can submit your entry here!

Photo Frame

Our Frames In Use – Customer Image Submissions From Facebook

Over the past year, we have had several customers or clients send us images of how they are using our picture frames, poster frames, and shadow boxes. We love seeing these images.

We have seen our frames in use for custom birthday messages and certificates. We have seen our shadow boxes used for three dimensional artworks. We’ve seen our wood frames series and metal frames used for 27 x 40 movie poster collections. We’ve seen alot, but we haven’t seen it all.

Do you use any of our products in your home or business? Are you an artist or photographer using our frames for your finished pieces? We would love to include your pictures in a future post! You can visit us on Facebook and upload them there:

We can’t wait to see what you guys come up with next!

Promotional Poster Frames Poster Frames Frames in Use Frames Shipped Custom Frames Resturaunt Frames Shadow Box Frame Photo Frame Landscape Photography Frame 3D Art Frame Framed Birthday Greeting 16 x 20 shadow box frame Photography Frames Framed Feathers Barn in Barnwood frame Frames Used In Retail Framed Mixed Media ArtworkFramed Mixed Media Artwork Framed Photogrphy

If you are looking for some great frames for your art or photography, be sure to check out the following links:

shadow boxes

wood frames

metal frames

poster frames

Remember, if you need any help with any picture frames, please call 800.577.5920 or click here if you have custom framing needs.

3 Reasons Why it’s Important to Shop American

1)    Jobs – Every dollar that we spend on American-made products can help boost the economy and keep our fellow Americans working by creating AMERICAN jobs.  This is extremely important as jobs are being outsourced overseas and more and more Americans are losing work.

2)    Labor/Environment – Production that occurs overseas is often void of human rights and regulations that we have in the U.S. including fair labor, wage, and safety.  Sweatshops contribute to child labor, slave labor, and many other human rights violations.  Buying American helps avoid these barbarous labor conditions.  Moreover, there are many standards within the U.S. that help regulate processes to promote environmentally responsible manufacturing.  These standards include reducing energy use, pollution, and other effects that overseas manufacturing can have on the environment.  Frame USA offers many benefits to its employees and has an ongoing green initiative to help support the environment.

3)    Local Businesses Give Back to Their Communities – American businesses tend to invest in their local communities through various community outreach initiatives and volunteer efforts because they want to see them prosper.  By shopping American, local companies are able to increase their community involve through funding, volunteerism, activism, and more!  Frame USA has many different community outreach initiatives that you can read about here.

Frame USA is going SOCIAL!

We are proud to share with you that our sales have a new and important social dimension!  Today, we posted the first of many sales exclusively on our Facebook page.  We have a lot of exciting plans in the works, and you can be the first to know, so don’t miss out!  Follow us on our Facebook page to stay in the loop!

If you’re not on Facebook, you can click here to visit our Facebook page and get the sale code:

Pillar of the Community

An important, fun, and personally rewarding part of what we do at Frame USA doesn’t have anything to do with manufacturing or selling wood picture frames or doing anything else related to frames.  It’s our company charity initiatives.  Our founder and CEO Dan Regenold has integrated a culture of giving into our company makeup.

We have a Charity of the Month featured on our website home page to support mostly national charities, and we support local charities through our warehouse outlet store.  Dan’s favorite local charity is the Healing Center, an organization that serves many members of our community who need help.

The most fun we had with a charity drive during this last year might have been participating in the “Pie in the Face” event in April, but the biggest drive of the year was “Fill the Truck” during December. That was fun, too, especially since we filled a whole trailer truck with donations for the Healing Center for the second year in a row and received many donations to help other charities this year with ten additional trucks at different locations.

Our company tries to make charity events fun for us, and we have a lot of fun with them.  But the most personally rewarding part is the feeling that, besides doing our jobs, we get a chance to do something to help people in need.

On January 18, we received an additional benefit from our charity initiatives—a dose of public recognition.  Frame USA was honored to receive the Medical Mutual 2012 Pillar Award for Community Service, presented by Smart Business during a banquet held at the Duke Energy Convention Center downtown.

As members of the Frame USA team, we want to thank all our customers, friends, vendors, and other businesses who helped us Fill the Trucks and donated to our other charity drives during the year.  We couldn’t accomplish much without your help.  And thanks to Medical Mutual and Smart Business, too, for the much appreciated recognition.

But speaking of doing our jobs, it’s time to get back to work.  It’s time to take care of our customers who want to buy picture frames.  We enjoy doing our best at that, too!

Pillar Award

Second Annual Fill The Truck Charity Initiative


Fill the Truck Contact:

Tara Murphy


Fill the Truck Kicks Off 2011 Campaign to Help Local Charities


11 Trucks at 11 Locations to Support 11 Charities in 2011

Cincinnati, Ohio, December 1, 2011.  The official kickoff for “Fill The Truck 2011” was held this morning at Frame USA’s Frame Warehouse Outlet store on Northland Boulevard in Springdale.   Dan Regenold, CEO of Frame USA, thanked the ten new sponsors who have joined this year’s campaign, the companies and organizations that have provided ten additional host locations, and his employees who helped make last year’s campaign successful.

Regenold founded the campaign just before Christmas last year to help a local charity serve people struggling in the weak economy.  His 2010 “Fill the Truck” campaign generated so many donations from vendors, retail stores, customers, and other people in the community that the truck overflowed!  A second vehicle had to be used to deliver some of the donated blankets, sheets, coats, boots, gloves, baby formula, canned food, dishes, detergent, and many other clothing and personal hygiene items to the Healing Center at the Vineyard Community Church in Springdale.

Always looking for ways to improve, Regenold sought additional sponsors and host locations to help more local organizations through a bigger 2011 “Fill the Truck” campaign.  To his surprise, several new sponsors called him to ask how they could help.  “When we started this campaign last year, I didn’t know whether we could fill the truck or not.  After the first weekend, I was scared that we couldn’t,” he said.  “This year, I’m scared again.  Can we fill eleven trucks?  Let’s give it our best effort and help as many people as we can!”

“Fill the Truck 2011” includes eleven trucks at eleven locations to support eleven organizations, so members of our community can donate at the location closest to home or to the charity closest to their heart.  All trucks are now in place and accepting donations, which will be delivered to the beneficiary organizations just before Christmas.

Sponsors for “Fill the Truck 2011” include Planes Moving & Storage, Walgreens, Innomark Communications, Trigon Imaging Systems, Metro Containers, Inc., Xerox, Spring Valley Bank, Centerville Coin and Jewelry, Visionaries & Voices, 55KRC, and Frame USA.

Beneficiary Organizations of “Fill the Truck 2011” include The Healing Center, Reach Out Lakota, Valley Interfaith, Hannah’s Treasure Chest,  Matthew: 25 Ministries, CAIN (Churches Active in Northside), Inter Parish Ministries, the Brighton Center, Son Ministries, One Way Farm, and Frederick Douglass School..

Truck host locations and hours of operation are listed below and on the website, along with information about sponsors.  For more information about how to help with donations, please visit the website below.




About Fill the Truck

Fill The Truck began in 2010 as a campaign by Dan Regenold, CEO of Frame USA, to fill a 53’ truck with donations that would help The Healing Center, a local charity organization, serve the needs of people in our community.  The campaign was so successful that a second vehicle was needed to deliver some of the donations.  Additional sponsors stepped forward to expand the 2011 campaign to eleven trucks at eleven locations, helping eleven local charities serve people in need in 2011:

1) Frame USA

225 Northland Blvd.

Springdale, Ohio 45246

Supporting: The Healing Center

Hours: Monday-Friday 10 am-7 pm, Saturday 10 am-6 pm, Sunday 12 noon-5 pm


2 Spring Valley Bank

1206 Springfield Pike

Cincinnati, OH 45215

Supporting: Valley Interfaith Food & Clothing Center

Hours: Monday-Friday 9 am-5:30 pm, Saturday 9 am-12 pm


3) Planes Moving & Storage

9823 Cincinnati Dayton Road

West Chester Township, OH 45069

Supporting: Reach Out Lakota

Hours: Monday-Friday 7 am-5 pm, Saturday 8am-11 am


4) Centerville Coin & Jewelry

38 West Franklin Street

Centerville, OH 45458

Supporting: Hannah’s Treasure Chest

Hours: Monday-Friday 10 am-6 pm, Saturday 10 am-3 pm


5) Visionaries & Voices and George J. Hust Co.

3841 Spring Grove Avenue

Cincinnati, OH 45223

Supporting: CAIN (Churches Active In Northside)

Hours: Monday-Thursday 9 am-8 pm, Friday 9am-4 pm


6) Camp Bow Wow

4955 Creek Road

Cincinnati, OH 45242

Supporting: Matthew 25 Ministries

Hours: Monday-Friday 7 am-7 pm, Saturday and Sunday 8 am-7 pm


7) Walgreens (Beechmont – Ohio Pike)

719 Ohio Pike

Cincinnati, OH 45245

Supporting: Inter Parish Ministries

Hours: Monday-Sunday 8am-9pm


8 ) Walgreens (Northern Kentucky – Edgewood)

3104 Dixie Highway

Edgewood, KY 41018

Supporting: Brighton Center

Hours: Monday-Sunday 8am-9pm

9) Clippard Instrument Laboratory, Inc.

7390 Colerain Avenue

Cincinnati, OH  45239

Supporting Son Ministries

Hours: Monday-Friday 8 am-4 pm, Saturday 8 am-12 noon

10) Clippard Instrument Laboratory, Inc.

4141 Thunderbird Lane

Fairfield, OH  45014

Supporting: One Way Farm

Hours: Monday-Friday 8 am-4 pm, Saturday 8 am-12 noon

11) NAACP Cincinnati

4439 Reading Road

Cincinnati, OH  45229

Supporting: Frederick Douglass School

Hours: Monday-Friday 11 am-6 pm


HUGE WEEKEND SALE! 7/29/11 – 8/1/11 (ends at midnight EST)


We are running Free Shipping on almost all of websites! Whether you’re a wholesale or retail shopper now is the time to buy! On our wholesale websites, and, all orders over $200 will receive free shipping. On our retail page,, orders over $50 will receive free shipping. Finally, for our frame closeout shoppers, any order over $50 on will receive free shipping! You don’t want to miss out on this weekend sale!

Free Shipping Weekend

*This sale is not valid with other promotions, discounts, or offers.
Offer applies to ground shipping only and is not valid outside the Continental United States.

Happy Kissing Day!

National Kissing Day is an international holiday which originated in the United Kingdom.  It wasn’t until recently that the holiday as been adopted worldwide making July 6th the International Kissing day.  It is believed that many people have forgotten the simple joy and pleasure of kissing (even just kissing for kissing’s sake).  Kissing can be an enjoyable experience!  Let’s tuck away the social formalities and “romantic gestures” for a moment and go give someone a kiss.

We challenge everyone to give a kiss (or at least a big ol’ hug) to a friend and/or loved one this week.

We celebrate kissing day today by featuring a romantic kiss in Venice.

Frame USA’s Love Story Shadowbox Giveaway

Here at Frame USA, we love framing memories.  As we start to dive into the wedding season, we wanted to help share these memories through our Love Story Shadowbox Giveaway.  From now, until July 5, we are asking our audience to submit a 300-500 word story on how they met their “love”.  We will then let our audience vote on the top three stories.  From the top three, Frame USA will select a winner.  The winner will receive a shadowbox frame.  They can then either send us the things they want framed or simply receive the shadowbox via mail.

We hope you will share your love story with us.

Frame USA Shadowbox Love Story Giveaway