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Happy Kissing Day!

National Kissing Day is an international holiday which originated in the United Kingdom.  It wasn’t until recently that the holiday as been adopted worldwide making July 6th the International Kissing day.  It is believed that many people have forgotten the simple joy and pleasure of kissing (even just kissing for kissing’s sake).  Kissing can be an enjoyable experience!  Let’s tuck away the social formalities and “romantic gestures” for a moment and go give someone a kiss.

We challenge everyone to give a kiss (or at least a big ol’ hug) to a friend and/or loved one this week.

We celebrate kissing day today by featuring a romantic kiss in Venice.


Check out our current featured poster of the week: Weezer. Here is some interesting background information on the band (from their website):

Weezer has been around since 1992, and in its present form since September 2001. Weezer consists of Rivers Cuomo, primary songwriter, lead vocals and guitar, Patrick Wilson, drums, guitar, vocals, and production whiz, Brian Bell, guitar and keyboards and vocals, and Scott Shriner, bass, vocals, and keyboards. Whether on the stage or in the studio its not uncommon to see just about anyone in the band playing just about anything they can get their hands on. Its also not uncommon to see some pretty wacky stuff go down both on stage and on the web. Weezer has sold over 10 million albums and has played thousands of shows to date. Weezer is also known for its pioneering (1994-2000) use of the internet to reach its fanbase, innovative videos and funny and/or quite strange behind the scenes footage, as well as its extremely passionate and devoted fans. They also make a mean cheese sandwich.

Check out our framed weezer post here.

Featured Poster of the Week: Coon and Friends

The Coon and Friends

The Coon and friends are an elite team of crime-fighters from South Park Elementary. Ready to take their place among the world’s most admired and beloved superheros, they band together as Iron Maiden, Mintberry Crunch, Mosquito, TupperWear, Coon, Toolshed, Mysterion, and Human Kite. This action-packed team fought for justice during the fourteenth season of the animated television series South Park.

Click here to buy a copy of our South Park Coon and Friends Poster.

Featured Poster of the Week – GAGA

GUESS WHAT? The new Lady Gaga album, Born This Way, is being released on May 23. That is TWO WEEKS away.

Item #9263 Lady Gaga, Born This Way

The world has undoubtedly been taken by storm with Ms. Gaga. She has cut right through societal norms with her outlandish ways and lyrics that give her fans something to relate to.

Let’s face it: She is incredible.

Like her music or not, she is giving people hope all across the world that they are perfect in every imperfection they may have. She stresses unique personalities, being comfortable in your own skin, and being ridiculous whenever you want! She has given the word ‘free’ and entirely new meaning in pop culture.

“You have to be unique and different; and shine in your own way.”
Lady Gaga

Retail Store Art Print: Pete Rose

The gem just recently arrived to our Frame Retail Outlet Store.  What you are looking at here is an official Pete Rose 4192 Limited Edition Art Print.  This print was designed by Cincinnati Pop Artist Andrew VanSickle and each “4192” is signed by both VanSickle and Pete Rose.  This print is number 5 out of only 250.

If you are interested in purchasing this print, please contact our retail store at 513-733-9800.

Your room ain’t got no alibi, its ugly! Yeah, yeah it’s ugly!

U-G-L-Y, Your room ain’t got no alibi, its ugly! Yeah, yeah it’s ugly!

We’re excited and acting kind of silly about our contest we just launched on Facebook. Not to mention it’s one of the first times we’ve publicly launched our Ebay store and its awesomeness, which has us even more excited. Basically, we can hardly breathe we are so thrilled.

Really, all you have to do is go to the Facebook and ‘like’ us. You know what that means, right? If not, just look for the thumbs up button and click on that thing! You should’ve ‘liked’ us a long time ago anyway!

OK, back to the point. You do the ‘liking’ and then you get to see all of our awesome information and fun pictures we have to offer. There are even fun facts and funny thoughts we share daily. Once you get through all of the fun you can make your way to the left of the page, right below Posterservice profile pic, and click on the Ugly Room Contest link.

From there you do all of the technical stuff, so don’t forget your name, phone number or e-mail anytime soon! Then, you take a photo of your oh-so-ugly room and upload it to the page. The public will vote on the ugliest room and our team of creative analysts will choose a winner. The winner will have an ugly room no more!

The best part is that you get to do your own shopping! Check out the prizes:

Grand Prize
$200.00 to spend at our Ebay Store as Posterservice Ebay Bucks.

2nd Prize
$75.00 to spend at our Ebay Store as Posterservice Ebay Bucks.

3rd Prize
$25.00 to spend at our Ebay Store as Posterservice Ebay Bucks.

I know you’re curious to see what you’re working with here, and I assure you that you will find something that will have your house guests talking. We have wood mounted and framed art that will spice up your room within a matter of a few nails in the wall and good straightening skills.

 Check out what we have to offer on the store at:

And the link to the Facebook is:

You just got pied!

We are writing today to follow up on a post we made earlier about our charity of the month: March of Dimes.  We mentioned in the post that we were going to have several internal events including a Pie in the Face and Bowling party.  Both of the events were a LOT of fun and we wanted to share the pictures with everyone.

Update 4/7/11:

In the heat of all the excitement, Dan, CEO of Frame USA, posted a challenge:  If we could raise $25 dollars, we could pie him in the face.  This resulted in nearly $100 dollars collected and as a result, Dana, the President, and two of the charity coordinators, Julie and Chris, received whipped cream pies as well.  Pictures added to gallery above.

Visionaries and Voices Celebrates its 4th Year Anniversary with an Open House

Visionaries and Voices is a non-profit organization that provides support, community, resources, and markets for artists with disabilities.  With a location housed in our retail store, Visionaries and Voices held an open house on Friday, March 18, to celebrate their four year anniversary.   Artists and enthusiasts alike gathered together over music, awards, inspiration, and community.

At the event, the artists discussed their artwork and inspiration.  Artist Rob Macke, shared his collection of mixed media paintings that were inspired from a world he created from his imagination called Egatoria.  He explained that Egatoria is a [medieval] world filled with magical creatures, spirits, and animals.  Many other artists shared their work and were honored at the event.

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Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

This entry is dedicated to the birthday and anniversary of Dr. Seuss.  Dr. Suess was a brilliant poet who wrote timeless classics such as The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, Cat In The Hat, Green Eggs and Ham, and many more.  Today marks his 107 anniversary and his honor we are showcasing our wacky, fun, and educational posters.

Make sure to check out the whimsical Seussville for fun games, activities, videos, and more!