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How to Arrange Your Custom Frames

If you haven’t seen our two-part blog series on decorating with  custom frames, scroll down and have a look! Continuing on this discussion, we have a video of one of our framers going more into detail on the framing process. We’ll be covering more on this topic in the following weeks and focusing on how to get the most “bang” out of your bucks spent at Frame USA!

In the meantime, what kinds of questions do you have for us? Leave a comment below (or on Facebook/Twitter) and we’ll be sure to cover them in our next videos!

Rustic Art Frame

Framing Your Summer Photography

Picture Frames for Summer Memories

It’s the middle of Summer! Have you built up your fair share of summer photos? Whether you’re stocked up on pictures of your kids at the beach or landscape photography in the mountains, you’ll defintitely want to display those images in the best way possible.

Our frames are built to be versatile to fit whatever needs your may be, whether that’s fancy, professional or fun. For bright-colored photos based in nature, our Barnwood series is always a favorite. Our customers also seem to have a preference for our black and white picture frames, both being perfect for nearly any occasion.

Framed Photography
Our customers love the Barnwood series for Nature photos. Summer especially!

You can also order samples of our mouldings from each of our category pages (wood frames, metal frames, poster frames etc.) and we will send you a few inches for free! All of our frames are delivered completely assembled (except for our U-Frame metal kits), so you can focus on froming your work instead of sweating over piecing together your frame.

Leave any questions below, or fill out our custom quote form here! If you’re a photographer, you can also see our list of business services we provide here.

Metal Picture Frames

DIY Picture Frame Kits by Frame USA

Need to frame an important photo or art print?

Luckily, we sell an exclusive frame that offers the perfect way to frame large-scale and small-scale works of art with ease! As a metal frame, the structure is sturdy and gives off the appearance of a custom frame job.

Metal Picture Frames
Our sturdy, easy-to-assemble U-Frame kits are great for that “Custom Framed” look.


What’s the difference between our metal picture frames and our U-Frames?

Metal picture frames are indeed a customer favorite, offering beautiful, glossy finishes that add a touch of modernism to your work. However, for larger metal frame sizes, some bending may occur. The workaround? Upgrade to our U-frame kits! These are our only frames that do not come ready-made, but instead require some very light assembly (all you need is a screwdriver!)

Overall, our standard metal picture frames will probably fit all of your needs. However, if you need a large frame (like a 24×36) or prefer a more DIY picture frame approach, our U-Frame kits will be your best bet for longevity and quality. If you need any help assebling your U-frame kits, simply follow the directions included in your order. You can also email us at [email protected] or call us at 1-800-577-5920.

Also, you can check out this video tutorial by our CEO Dan Regenold on how to get the most out of your U-Frame.

Thanks for shopping with us at Frame USA!

Cheap Picure Frames

Closeout Picture Frames

Have you tried our Frame Closeouts website, yet? We recently posted a sale for 33% Off some popular sizes of our “Good Wood” frames: 5×7′s, 8×10′s, 8.5×11′s, and 11×14′s. These cheap (but good!) wood picture frames are available for a short time at a great discount. Order today, and enter “good33″ upon checkout.

Let us know what you think after you buy them! For a custom quote on an order like this, please fill out the following bulk and volume ordering form.

Cheap Picure Frames

Picture Frames

Memorial Day Sales: The Perfect Time for Wholesale Picture Frames!

Here at Frame USA, we always make it a point to honor our nation’s more patriotic holidays, especially Memorial Day.

In keeping with this tradition, we’re offering 13% off everything on the site! This memorial day weekend, you’ll save bundles on our high-quality picture frames, poster frames, certificate picture frames and shadowboxes–all made in the USA.


cheap picture frames
Save big on your framing projects this memorial day!

With a deal like this, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of these great prices. If you’re looking for a wholesale manufacturer for your framing needs, you can be certain that these prices won’t be beat.


Picture frames

Turn Any Space Into Your Very Own Art Gallery: Part Two

This is an example of a gallery wall gone wrong.
Gallery Wall Before

In the last post you learned three very important tricks to turn any space into an art gallery, but those are not the only tips we have up our sleeve. We’re back to give you three more that will sure to make your space transform from boring and uninviting into a space that’s intriguing and exciting.

Gallery wall after
Gallery wall after

Our third tip to creating a custom gallery wall is SPACE. When you are planning your arrangements, make sure you allot for space in between the frames. Having enough space between each frame is crucial when it comes to creating a picture collage wall that is intriguing. Now, the amount of space given is generally personal preference.  In our experience, we generally recommend leaving about two inches between the outer edges of frames. This gives enough space to allow each individual picture to stand out on its own and still be a crucial part of the collage. Less space can be utilized when the frames that you are using are either the same size or the same shape. If you’re using the paper method to lay out an arrangement, make sure that the space you decide upon still works once you have selected your frames.

Once you have your arrangement planned out and the frames you’re going to be using, the next step is to decide which pictures should be placed in which frames. A successful gallery wall may have a variety of different images, however, in order to provide a cohesive look, we recommend GROUPING BY THEME. What we mean by this is look at the pieces you want to display, group them together on your wall based on the subject. Even if you’ve chosen a variety of different mediums, i.e. photographs and paintings, the groups that you create will tie together an arrangement

When you’ve decided to do a picture collage wall but don’t exactly know all of the pictures that you are going to use, our tip is to STAY CENTERED. Once you’ve gotten the arrangement that you want, start by hanging the picture that will go in the middle of the collage then work your way out. Every stable house starts with a basic framework; a successful picture collage is no different. Once that central picture is in place on the wall you can always come back and add around it once you’ve found pieces you want to hang.

Now that you are equipped with the tools and tricks that we’ve gathered along the years, go and make your space picture perfect. Don’t forget to take pictures of your collage walls and share them with us! We love to see how our customers utilize our frames!

Picture frames

Turn Any Space Into Your Very Own Art Gallery: Part One

Do you want your family’s pictures to not only remind you of great memories but also be a statement piece in your living room? Do you want to make your house guests feel as though they’ve entered a gallery when they walk through your door? If you want all of the above but are not quite sure how to achieve it, than this is the article for you to read. We’re here to give you tips and tricks on how to keep your wall from starting like this:

The start of a gallery wall

And having it end up like this:

This is an example of a gallery wall gone wrong.

   There is a lot of anxiety when it comes to hanging picture frames. Placing a nail into your wall is extremely final and if you arbitrarily place one without properly planning where the best place to put the picture is then you’re bound to make the room off balance. That’s why our first tip when it comes to hanging frames, whether it’s a single frame or ten frames, is PLAN AHEAD. We have a trick that is guaranteed to make you think “huh! Why didn’t I think of that?” When you’re deciding on what arrangement of frames you like best, instead of just winging it, use pieces of paper cut to the size of a variety of different frames and tape them to your wall. Here at Frame USA, our sizes start as small as 4×6 and go as large as 27×41 depending on the molding. This is an easy way to find that arrangement you love without damaging your walls permanently. If you already have purchased the frames, you can lay out arrangements on your floor and take pictures of the ones you like best, that way you have a written plan of where each frame is going to go.

Placement of Paper.

With planning ahead in mind our second tip to creating a dynamic wall of pictures is MIX AND MATCH. When you are deciding on which frames you will choose for your space, don’t be stuck on getting all of the same size, step out of that frame (literally). The key to creating a unique picture collage wall is using a variety of frame shapes and sizes that work together to create a cohesive look. Frame USA offers a variety of moldings that are similar but still have a unique edge to them. Don’t be afraid to mix and match molding styles as well. If you’re nervous about that feel free to call and ask for suggestions on which styles pair nicely together. All of our frames have the ability to hang horizontally, or vertically­—use this to your advantage, create an arrangement that utilizes both horizontal frames as well as vertical frames.

Large picture frames can be a wonderful addition to your gallery wall if  you have the space. Our tip for you is to WATCH THE SPOTLIGHT. When you’re set out to create the gallery wall of your dreams, you don’t want to create one that has one or two images that draw attention the most. Large picture frames tend to hog the spotlight. Our trick when deciding on the size of picture frames is to exclude frames that take up more than a sixth of the available wall space. A successful gallery wall has unique images that act alone but stand together.

That’s all for now, but be on the lookout for Tips to turn any space into an Art Gallery: Part two!

business picture frames

Wholesale Poster Frames

What makes our poster frames so special? Why not just pick up some from your local superstore? Well, when it’s quality you’re looking for with value to match, you won’t want anything other than Frame USA’s line of poster frames!

wholesale poster frame
Our line of Deluxe and Budget Saver Poster Frames


Poster frames from Frame USA come assembled directly from the manufacturer. As with all of our other products, we don’t sacrifice quality for price. The frames are sourced in the USA and assembled right here in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Popular large-scale projects include advertising materials for business conventions, employee recognition programs, franchising operations and materials for HR professionals. If you need large-scale volume framing for your business, you won’t find a better deal on the web than what we can offer you here!

In fact, we’re offering 15% off all of our poster frames until 5:00 PM today! Enter Coupon Code movies15 upon checkout to take advantage of our deal.

For large-volume quotes on picture frames, poster frames, engraving services and more, fill out our quote form located here. It’s quick, easy, and our representatives will have your quote to you within 8 business hours!

business picture frames

Wholesale Picture Frame Quotes

Here at Frame USA we pride ourselves on creating “Raving Fans” out of every one of our customers–no matter how big or small.

This starts on the front end with our sales/customer service and continues all the way through until you receive your orders. One of the ways that we try to create more “raving fans” from a sales perspective is to provide all of our customers and potential customers with the best prices on wholesale picture frames through our custom quotes.

Whenever you have a big job to do and you are looking for the best pricing around there are a couple different options for you to get a custom quote. If you are a new customer and you are looking for a quote, visit our website and click on the “special volume quote” box in the top right and you can enter all of the information for your custom quote. This will be sent
directly to our sales team and they will contact you and get a quote out within 8 hours of receiving it.

If you are more of a hands-on person feel free to call in to one of our sales team members and give the quote verbally over the phone. This way you can explain what you need the quote for and our sales team can make sure that we get you the best possible price.
If you’re already a customer feel free to email the quote details directly to one of our customer service or sales reps and they will make sure the information gets to the right people and you get the quote back within 8 hours.

It is our goal to provide all of our customers with the best possible price for their quote and by accurately getting all of the information involved by one of the above methods we can make sure that you are getting the best prices around. We hope to make each and every customer a raving fan and by providing our custom quotes with the best prices around in 8 hours or
less. We hope that you enjoy your picture frames and the way we treat you here at Frame USA!

Picture Framer Art

Frame USA – For Artists, by Artists!

Pizza places across America have added a comment box to their online ordering, where you can add information about your ordering or leave a thank you.  However, some adventurous consumers have decided to stretch the boundaries of what they can request.  If you search “draw something on my pizza box” online, you will find a large array of art that has not only been drawn on the boxes, but includes cutting shapes into the pizza and creating all sorts of interesting items.

You would think that companies would scoff off such requests, seeing as they are not part of a normal request.  On the contrary, companies know that giving the customer what they request not only makes them happy, but gives the customer a reason to come back.  At Frame USA we work really hard to make our customers happy and to insure their return business.

We have had the interesting opportunity to do this with a customer, not once, but twice!  The customer had placed an order and added the comment to draw  “something really silly” on the box  and Lauren Hicks, an artist we have working in the Retail Store, drew a puffin with the caption “Erry Day I’m Puffilin” (see picture) which is a play on the hook from the  popular song by LMAFO “Party Rock Anthem.”  The customer came back quickly with another order and a note that said “The puffin was amazing!  Can you now draw the most awesomest scenario!”  For this one, Jen Miller, Sales Operations Analyst and artist as well, drew a picture of a Pirate playing jump-rope with a Mummy and The Blob!

Jen Miller is quite imaginative...
Jen Miller is quite imaginative…

About three or four days after we sent out the order with the second picture, we received an email from the customer that had a great subject line!  It said: “Seriously, who do I marry for drawing these?” The body of the email said “Amazing. I want to buy another frame just to frame this. YESSS!”  This has been a very fun and interesting turn of events.  However, the reward for the small effort to make the customer happy is the best payoff!  We can’t wait for the next opportunity to create a Raving Fan!