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VV 6th Anniversary at Frame USA

Visionaries and Voices Celebrates 6 Years at Frame USA

Friday April 12, 2013 – Visionaries and Voices Tri-county celebrated it’s 6th year in the Frame USA manufacturing and warehouse facility. The celebration kicked off at 5:00 PM and lasted until 7:30 PM at their Studio,  225 Northland Blvd., Cincinnati, Ohio.

VV 6th Anniversary at Frame USA Visionaries + Voices is a non-profit arts organization that supports artists with disabilities. This year the celebration included an Artist and Volunteer awards presentation, as well as music by Melodic Connections.

If you didn’t get to partake this year, you can always come by our retail store on Northland to check out some of the V+V artwork that is available for sale. Stop in anytime to support a great cause!

We hope everyone involved with this great celebration had a wonderful time. We sure do enjoy having the fine folks from V+V share this great space with us. It just doesn’t seem like it’s been 6 years.

If you have any questions about Visionaries + Voices, or if you would like to get involved in a great cause, please see their website for more details. Visionaries + Voices Website



Frame USA's New Site

Our New Site and Our Charity of the Month Program

Frame USA's New Site has gone through some changes lately, and they are all for the better!

Hopefully, you have had the opportunity to shop on our site!  What is really incredible is the new feature for our monthly charity.  With the new site, we are still holding true to our pledge to donate $1 for every order received from  On the previous version of our website, if you wanted to make a donation to the charity, you had to click a button that would take you to another page. Once there, you made a decision whether or not to donate, then you would navigate back to the check out page and continue with your order.  However, on the improved website, we are making this step much easier by adding options that hopefully will increase the amount of donations made by our customers, so they match, or preferably exceed, the donation made by the company. We plan to have a spot on the shipping page where the customer can make one of three choices:

•     Yes, I would like to make a donation, please round up my order to the nearest dollar.

•     Yes, I would like to make a donation, please add (specified amount) to my order.

•     No, thank you, I do not wish to make a donation at this time.

This way each customer will acknowledge the charity option and be informed of the ease of helping those who need a little helping hand.  There will also be a link available to direct the customer to the website of the charity we are sponsoring that month.

We are currently working on this option, and as soon as we know more from the builders of our website, we will be able to solidify the details of the new options.  However, it is still exciting we are going to be able to attract more of our audience with their ability to help support local and national charities.

Fill The Truck in the Media

Fill the Truck at Frame USA
Fill the Truck gains Media Attention

Frame USA was visited by Fox 19 news in Cincinnati for the release of the latest news on Fill The Truck. After first admiring our impressive selection of ready made picture frames, the camera crews started rolling. News, Weather

Fill the Truck has been at the center of Cincinnati’s holiday media since the initiative’s origin in 2010. Supporting charities all over the area, it has certainly been worthy of the attention it has received. Frame USA has primarily supported The Healing Center, but always manages to pull in other business partners like Walgreens, Spring Valley Bank and Clippard Instruments to support their own charities.

To learn more about Fill The Truck, visit, or check out our latest video.
To learn more about Frame USA’s monthly charity initiative, visit


About Frame USA’s Charity Initiative

Charities Around 5 years ago, Frame USA started its monthly charity initiative program.  This program was started to help support local and national charities with monetary donations, volunteerism and other resources they may need.  Every month, our internet site donates $1 for every picture frame order placed on and $1 for every custom framing order that our retail store takes.  We also give our customers, vendors and key partners the opportunity to donate any amount they wish.  Our goal is to raise as much money as possible for a variety of deserving charities.  These are some of the twenty-plus charities that we have sponsored are:

  • American Cancer Society
  • American Diabetes Association
  • ArtWorks
  • Autism Speaks
  • Children’s Safe Drinking Water
  • Feeding America
  • Foundation for Survivors of Sexual Abuse
  • Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
  • Health Care Connection
  • Kidney Foundation of Greater Cincinnati
  • Kiva Organization
  • Law Enforcement Special Olympics Torch Run
  • Legacy Project Listen to Life
  • Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
  • Minds Matter
  • National Down Syndrome Association
  • One Laptop Per Child Foundation
  • Soldiers’ Angels
  • The Fresh Air Fund
  • Tony Snow Scholarship Fund

About 3 years ago, our CEO had visited the Healing Center in Springdale, Ohio and was so impressed by their operation and their ability to help the community; he decided to help them in a big way.   Dan took the Monthly Charity and turned it into an annual program.  This program called Fill the Truck was a huge endeavor for, not only the employees of Frame USA, but the community as well.  There was a 54 foot semi truck parked in the front parking lot of Frame USA shrouded in banners proclaiming the challenge to fill the truck in 21 days.  The range of items that were requested by the Healing Center that would benefit their clients; pillows and blankets, winter clothing for adults and children, personal care and cleaning items, kitchen wares, food, and including a Christmas food basket.  Fill the Truck also accepted cash donations which would allow the Healing Center to use the funds as needed.  Between the generosity of our neighbors, the employees of Frame USA and Frame USA’s vendors and key partners, not only were they able to fill the truck, but they OVER filled it!  The Healing Center was able to use the donations collected by the Fill the Truck program for over 5 months at the beginning of 2011. This great endeavor received the attention of the Eisen Agency and Frame USA was honored with a Pillar Award for their work to help their community.

Because Fill the Truck was so successful in December 2010, it expanded in 2011.  There were 11 trucks spread out over the Cincinnati and Dayton Area.  In Northside, OH, one of Frame USA’s key partners, Visionaries and Voices, hosted a truck for CAIN (Churches Active in Northside).  Downtown Cincinnati had a truck sponsored by the NAACP for the Frederick Douglas School and Hannah’s Treasure Chest in Dayton, OH was sponsored by Centerville Coin and Jewery.  The following were also helped by the Fill the Truck program in 2011:

  • Valley Interfaith Food and Clothing Center
  • Inter Parish Ministries
  • SON Ministries
  • One Way Farms
  • Matthew 25 Ministries
  • Reach Out Lakota
  • The Brighton Center

Frame USA’s 2011 truck was over filled again, and has created a lot of excitement for December 2012.  This year, the goal is to help more people here in the Cincinnati region that has been affected by the different struggles that have met the nation.

Fill the Truck also initiated a school version in the summer of 2012.  Valley Interfaith Food and Clothing Center holds a “Back to School” week where they supply all the children that they serve with school supplies to prepare them for a successful year in school.  We partnered with KDM POP Solutions and also helped collect school supplies for Princeton City Schools.  Between the two trucks, we collected enough book bags, pens, pencils, and packets of paper to help hundreds of children through-out the tri-state and armed them with the ability to learn while in school and ease their parent’s fears about being able to obtain all the things their children need.


Winter Aid - Silent Auction and Frame USA Open House

Winter Aid Silent Auction And Open House

Winter Aid - Silent Auction and Frame USA Open House

Frame USA will be sponsoring Winter Aid, a Silent and Live Charity Auction to benefit the Healing Center of Cincinnati on December 7, 2012.

Thousands of people in the Greater Cincinnati area are struggling due to the current economy. Here is your chance to help out by attending our first Fill the Truck Silent Auction. Everything we receive directly benefits The Healing Center, which provides food, clothing and personal care items to people and families in need of help.

Our friends from Visionaries and Voices will be participating with one of a kind pieces of art by incredible artists! Join us at our facility and tour their studio which is in our building.

C. F. Payne We are very excited to announce our guest for Winter Aid is the insightful artist, C. F. Payne. Chris will perform as auctioneer for the live auction portion of the event.

Time Magazine -C F Payne C. F. Payne is an illustrator whose artwork has graced the covers of Time Magazine, Readers Digest, Sports Illustrated, The New York Times Book Review and Sunday Magazine, MAD Magazine, der Spiegel, Texas Monthly, and Boys Life.

Make sure you mark your calendar! Live Music, Wine, Beer, and Hors D’oeuvres will be provided!

Fill The Truck and Frame USA

DATE: December 7th, 2012

LOCATION: Frame USA, 225 Northland Boulevard, Cincinnati, Ohio 45246

For more information contact: [email protected] OR
Visit the Winter Aid Page on!  

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May and June Charities–And One Awesome Painting

Every month, Frame USA performs a charitable service as an outreach to our community. During May, we sponsored Visionaries and Voices; a not-for-profit organization supporting artists with disabilities. We currently host one of their two studio locations in our retail store, and during this last month, we displayed some of their current works of art for sale. We also purchased one of their fabulous paintings.

Coming this month, we plan to support CAIN (Churches Active in Northside), which is a non-profit faith-based organization of neighborhood churches in Northside. Each month, nearly 400 vulnerable families rely on CAIN’s emergency food pantry, help with rent and utilities, access to federal benefit assistance, and other services. CAIN’s Rainbow of Choice Food Pantry had 4,198 visits in 2010.

3 Reasons Why it’s Important to Shop American

1)    Jobs – Every dollar that we spend on American-made products can help boost the economy and keep our fellow Americans working by creating AMERICAN jobs.  This is extremely important as jobs are being outsourced overseas and more and more Americans are losing work.

2)    Labor/Environment – Production that occurs overseas is often void of human rights and regulations that we have in the U.S. including fair labor, wage, and safety.  Sweatshops contribute to child labor, slave labor, and many other human rights violations.  Buying American helps avoid these barbarous labor conditions.  Moreover, there are many standards within the U.S. that help regulate processes to promote environmentally responsible manufacturing.  These standards include reducing energy use, pollution, and other effects that overseas manufacturing can have on the environment.  Frame USA offers many benefits to its employees and has an ongoing green initiative to help support the environment.

3)    Local Businesses Give Back to Their Communities – American businesses tend to invest in their local communities through various community outreach initiatives and volunteer efforts because they want to see them prosper.  By shopping American, local companies are able to increase their community involve through funding, volunteerism, activism, and more!  Frame USA has many different community outreach initiatives that you can read about here.

Pillar of the Community

An important, fun, and personally rewarding part of what we do at Frame USA doesn’t have anything to do with manufacturing or selling wood picture frames or doing anything else related to frames.  It’s our company charity initiatives.  Our founder and CEO Dan Regenold has integrated a culture of giving into our company makeup.

We have a Charity of the Month featured on our website home page to support mostly national charities, and we support local charities through our warehouse outlet store.  Dan’s favorite local charity is the Healing Center, an organization that serves many members of our community who need help.

The most fun we had with a charity drive during this last year might have been participating in the “Pie in the Face” event in April, but the biggest drive of the year was “Fill the Truck” during December. That was fun, too, especially since we filled a whole trailer truck with donations for the Healing Center for the second year in a row and received many donations to help other charities this year with ten additional trucks at different locations.

Our company tries to make charity events fun for us, and we have a lot of fun with them.  But the most personally rewarding part is the feeling that, besides doing our jobs, we get a chance to do something to help people in need.

On January 18, we received an additional benefit from our charity initiatives—a dose of public recognition.  Frame USA was honored to receive the Medical Mutual 2012 Pillar Award for Community Service, presented by Smart Business during a banquet held at the Duke Energy Convention Center downtown.

As members of the Frame USA team, we want to thank all our customers, friends, vendors, and other businesses who helped us Fill the Trucks and donated to our other charity drives during the year.  We couldn’t accomplish much without your help.  And thanks to Medical Mutual and Smart Business, too, for the much appreciated recognition.

But speaking of doing our jobs, it’s time to get back to work.  It’s time to take care of our customers who want to buy picture frames.  We enjoy doing our best at that, too!

Pillar Award

April Charity of the Month: Dedicated to Japan

Japan was hit by one of the largest earthquakes ever recorded on March 11. The magnitude (9.0) of the quake spawned a deadly tsunami that slammed into the small island nation, leaving huge devastation in its tragic wake. Thousands of people are dead and many more are still missing or injured; almost half a million people are homeless.
Japan has often donated when other countries have experienced disasters, such as when Hurricane Katrina impacted the United States. We are extremely happy to announce that we have teamed up with UMCOR, a charitable organization that is supporting the victims of this tragic event by providing assistance includes providing direct emergency relief, medical services, emotional counseling, and food delivery and storage.
We are raising money to support UMCOR’s efforts through our retail store and online donations. For every order placed, we will donate a dollar. We hope you consider matching our donation at the checkout when you place orders from us.

SOURCE: Yahoo! News Blog 

Pictures: Huffington Post

You just got pied!

We are writing today to follow up on a post we made earlier about our charity of the month: March of Dimes.  We mentioned in the post that we were going to have several internal events including a Pie in the Face and Bowling party.  Both of the events were a LOT of fun and we wanted to share the pictures with everyone.

Update 4/7/11:

In the heat of all the excitement, Dan, CEO of Frame USA, posted a challenge:  If we could raise $25 dollars, we could pie him in the face.  This resulted in nearly $100 dollars collected and as a result, Dana, the President, and two of the charity coordinators, Julie and Chris, received whipped cream pies as well.  Pictures added to gallery above.