Business Picture Frames – Making the Most out of Wholesale Framing

We see a lot of businesses place large volume custom quotes around the new year. This is always good news for us, obviously, because we want to be sure all of our customers are getting the best deals possible from any vendor out there. That’s why our quote function is so great – business picture frames usually come as a wholesale order, and most businesses rely on our series that work well in any situation (like our corporate frame series). When thinking in large volumes, you will most likely want a versatile frame that fits a variety of different situations. On the other hand, it can also be beneficial to find a frame series that fits the tone of your business.

Not only do our frames make great product for any business size, but they’re great for renovations, as well as office, hotels or restaurant decoration. It’s also important to remember that your art and decor choices are critical parts of your brand marketing. Be sure to use colors and imagery that reflect your company as a brand, and you’ll thank yourself in the long run.

business decor
Google’s interior design is widely regarded as some of the best in existance. Notice the brand-specific colors and whimsical design.

Framing important event photos of your business is another way to market yourself. Some examples: family photos for family-owned restaurants, opening day photos, team photographs of local sports teams you sponsor, community artwork, or any community events you have been a part of. The possibilities are endless, the purpose being to express what your business is all about.

Whether you’re thinking about samples, retail or wholesale orders, we ask you to fill out our simple quote form. Our sales staff is standing by to give you great deals on your picture frames, regardless of what your needs may be!


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